11 Specials pensioners should take advantage of

Angelique Ruzicka looks at several nationwide deals that pensioners can take advantage of in order to save money and preserve their pension pots.

Pensioners that have worked hard their entire lives should be entitled to discounts when they retire. After all pension pots only go so far and with medical care, food and energy bills rising every year it’s only right that retailers and other service providers do their bit to help.
There are companies that do offer pensioner deals but with some we had to do a lot of digging as not all companies promote their deals and discounts as widely as they should. It’s a shame that they don’t ‘shout out’ about these but, as always, Moneybags has gone the extra mile to unearth more information about them:

1. Sanparks
If you like walking and hiking then this deal is for you. SANParks offers discounts on normal tariffs to pensioners. You can get discounts for the likes of Addo Elephant National Park, Augrabies Falls National Park, Bontebok National Park and more.
This deal applies to all senior citizens and permanent residents of South Africa that are 60 years and older.
The discounts apply only at certain months of the year and generally Fridays, Saturdays and long weekends are excluded.
Contact SANParks on 012 428 9111. For more about what discounts you can qualify for, click here.
2. SABC TV licence rebate
You can apply for a rebate on your TV licence, which amounts to R180 a year.
You have to be 70 years of age or over. If you are under 70 but have a government pension or disability grant, you can apply as well.
You have to prove that only persons over the age of 70 are watching TV at your home and that there are no younger people benefiting from this deal. Call the SABC head office on 011 3309 555.

3. Pick n Pay
Type in senior citizen or pensioner in the search bar of the Pick n Pay website and nothing comes up. When we asked for comment from Pick n Pay, the retailer said: “We offer discount coupons at all our Hypers with the exception of those in KwaZulu-Natal for pensioners. Most stores have a pensioner’s tea once a month and their booklets are given to them, however they can get their booklet any time during the month. There is a limit of one booklet per customer per month. This can be collected at the information counter. There are product specific coupons i.e. Coke 2ltr or I & J Fish Fingers 400gr. There are also Pick n Pay branded coupons which allows the Customer to purchase any PnP Product or No Name Products or products in our Fresh section i.e. coupons to be used in our deli, bakery, fish shop, cheese bar and produce section. To register pensioners need to fill in a form and show their ID book once.
Not all stores do it and there’s not much information out there. So you have to be bold and ask store management whether there are any applicable discounts.  Call Pick n Pay’s customer care line on 0800112288 or ask in-store.

4. Spar
Again there’s not much information out there but we presume it’s because each franchise can decide what pensioner deals, if any, to offer. Some, such as Cape Gate SuperSpar offer 5% cash back voucher at the end of every month. Its website also says it offers free tea, coffee and cake from Monday to Friday 08h00 to 15h00.
According to 60NotOut policies vary. But Cape Gate SuperSpar for instance asks that you to provide them with a pensioner’s card.
Policies vary and your local may not offer any discounts.
Find out more by calling Spar’s customer care line on 086 0313141 or ask your local store manager.

5.  Ster Kinekor
Pensioners can also get discounts for movies from Ster Kinekor. For more information, click here.

6. Nu Metro
Pensioners can enjoy movies from as little as R43 (2D) and R55 (3D).
Bring your ID card to prove your age.
According to 60NotOut these deals are not available on Wednesdays because everyone benefits from Woza Wednesday special rates.
Over the counter.

7. Clicks
Clicks offers a seniors programme where pensioners can earn double points on the second Wednesday of the month on their exclusive Double Points Days. On these days you get an additional ClubCard Point for every point that you earn.
You have to be a ClicksCard member and over the age of 60.
You have to keep tabs on when ‘every second day of the month is’ and if you are prone to ‘senior moments’ as my grandmother used to say you may forget about the deal.
You can apply for this benefit online.

8. Torga Optical
Torga offers pensioners special packages which include an eye test, frame and lenses. The single vision package for pensioners with a classic green dot frame and single vision lenses costs R750 cash, including and an eye test – a savings of R100. On a bifocal package it includes a classic green dot frame and bifocal lenses and is a saving of R160. On a multifocal package with classic green dot frame is a saving of R200. “Obviously the patient can upgrade the frames and lens add ons – so they would they need to consult the Torga Optometrist here. All these package also includes Torgas Ultra scratch protection coating on the lenses (saving you R275),” says a spokesperson of the company.
You have to be over 60 and produce either your ID document or your SASSA card to prove your age.
It’s a cash offer. If you claim from your medical scheme then medical aid rates would apply.
You can view the packages and locate stores through its website.

9. Specsavers
Get single vision spectacles for R695, bifocals for R1045 and multifocal glasses for R1595.
You have to be a member of the South African Association of Retired Persons (SAARP) to benefit from this deal (see below for more information). You have to pay cash or use a card to pay for it but you can submit it to your medical aid for a refund depending on what your benefits are.
This deal is only available to SAARP members. Membership is free and the deal is currently only valid till 31 December, 2014. However, SAARP say they renew their negotiations with Specsavers and other institutions on an annual basis. Also if Specsavers finds you don’t need glasses after the tests you will be charged a R395 consultation fee.
Sign up to SAARP first and get a membership card then take it with you to any Specsavers store.

10. Hertz
You can hire a car from Hertz’s group A range at R200 per day. Rates include theft and damage waivers, airport surcharge, VAT, tourism levy and 200 kilometres free per day. You need to be 55 years and older and produce your ID to collect the car. A R65 contract deal will be charged to each rental.
You can book online with Hertz here, or call them on 021 935 4800.

11. Mango
Get 15% off Mango flights. You need to input your ID number when booking and submit a copy of your ID to Mango. It’s only available on select flights on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Terms and conditions apply. Call 086 100 1234 or book online.

Deal watch resources and other pensioner services
There are a number of websites and organisations that either keep abreast of the latest pensioner deals or organise discounts on behalf of pensioners. Here’s a quick list of websites and organisations that you can monitor or join to gain more benefits.

The South African Association of Retired Persons (SAARP)
This organisation says it does its ‘utmost to assist senior citizens without trying to accumulate profits to the benefit of any individual’. It is registered with the Financial Services Board (FSB) and negotiates with companies to provide services at a reduced cost to members. It generates income through donations and also receives commission from pensioners using the products that SAARP organises discounts on. You can save money on your insurance through the relationships SAARP has with Alexander Forbes, Auto & General and Santam. “We have fixed arrangements with them for insurance policies and generally our members don’t pay excess,” says Paul Rosenbrock, director of SAARP. Pensioners can also benefit from special holiday rates through SAARP.
There are no membership fees but you have to be 50 years of age and over. You can join SAARP online. Once they have received your information they will send you a membership card.

You’ve earned it (YEI)
YEI launched in 2011 and is an online guide that outlines discounts and benefits for ‘boomers, seniors and retirees’. Subscribe to its monthly newsletter for free. Find out more here.


60 Not Out
60NotOut is an online directory of benefits and discounts available to pensioners in South Africa. It keeps tabs on deals from the private sector as well as from parastatals and government. However, it’s not completely up to date. It does, for example, still highlight the 10% Dion Wired pensioner discount but I was told over the weekend by a Dion Wired store manager that the company have done away with this deal now. Find out more here.