3 Genius hair hacks that you’ve never heard about

Caring for your hair can be expensive, especially if you make several trips to the hair salon a year for that standard cut and blow dry. Jess Daley looks at what you can do to save money, keep your hair beautiful, and even make money.

1. Invest in a Crea Clip

This gadget allows you to cut your own hair in a flash. Cutting your hair at a salon can set you back a few hundred Rand.

However, if you want to save money, a Crea Clip allows you to do it yourself by serving as guide to tell you exactly where to cut. Comb your hair and clip it in place with the Crea Clip. It has a built-in ‘level’ so that you can cut straight. There are different methods and styles that you can try, and plenty of tips and tricks available online. The original Crea Clip is available in SA and will set you back R499 plus delivery fee. There are other alternatives out there but be careful about what you purchase online. There are many companies selling cheap knock offs and there are websites that are not secure.

Crea Clip South Africa has been trying to get the product into retail stores but are struggling to find the right buyer. A lot of market research goes into bringing a new product into stores and retailers have to consider the demand. Perhaps South African women prefer to have their hair cut at a salon.

Considering the amount of money, time and effort you’d save, it may be worth it. In addition, you’ll have it forever, or as long as you can keep your friends from grabbing it!

2. Sleep on a satin pillowcase

Most pillowcases are made out of cotton. While it might seem soft, cotton has a coarse structure. If you sleep for eight hours per night, it means that you’re subjecting your hair to forty hours against a coarse texture each week. This adds up; the coarse structure of cotton against the smooth texture of your strands causes damage and can undo all the effort you’ve made to have great hair. Satin or silk is kinder to your hair as it’s much smoother and finer than cotton.

You can buy satin pillowcases but they are very easy to make. First, you need some soft, fine satin or stretch satin (+-50cm long x +- 1.5m wide per pillowcase) and some sewing thread. Next, you need to either have a sewing machine and/or know how to sew, or have a family member who does. Use a current pillowcase as a pattern or if you don’t have one, there are some free patterns online.

Turn it inside out and measure the short side. Measure the long side, double it up, and include the ‘flap’ that keeps the pillow inside. Cut your fabric according to these measurements. If you have some knowledge of sewing, the rest should be logical. Added bonus: The silky texture is good for your skin, too. Satin pillowcases make great gifts.

3. Sell your ponytail

This is more about making a few bucks but in order to do so, your hair has to fulfil a few requirements. Some of these requirements encourage healthy habits or money-saving habits. 100% human hair is used to make wigs, weaves, toupées and hair extensions that sell for big bucks.

If you want to sell your ponytail, your hair must conform to a few prerequisites: 1) Hair needs to be virgin (never dyed, bleached, permed or straightened.) 2. Hair must be in brilliant condition; shiny with no split ends. 3. Hair should not be cut in layers. 3. The ponytail should be at least 25cm long depending on buyer needs. Some unscrupulous websites claim to offer you money in exchange for your locks. However, they might not pay you out and you could be a victim of identity fraud. Try a reputable hair dealer or auction site, for example: Online Hair Affair where you can list your offering.

Alternatively, you could donate your ponytail to a good cause like CANSA. They accept donations of human hair throughout the year. Hair donations are sent to a wig manufacturer. Your donation can help make someone feel beautiful again.

Do you have an awesome hair hack or have you used any of these products/websites. Email us at info@justmoney.co.za to tell us your story.