5 Gift ideas for kids under R500

Gift buying for kids can be of the most fun and exhausting experiences, because typically you aim to both entertain and educate, which is a tall order. Coupled to that, it is likely that the gift your kid wants would require you to sell a kidney to afford.

So how do you navigate satisfying your child on Christmas morning while not entirely breaking the bank? Moneybags journalist, Danielle Van Wyk, looks at kid’s gift ideas for under R500.

  1. Beach volleyball set: We’re officially in summer and with it comes the opportunity for increased outdoor activity. Why not consider buying a beach volleyball set for your kids to enjoy. This way, they are kept busy for hours, keeping fit and learning a new sport all at the same time. If you have more than one child, consider making this a joint gift and potentially in this way saving on buying two separate gifts. Try for an easily portable set that enables them to pack it up and take it along wherever they may find themselves this summer.
    Where to buy? Takealot is selling a rudimentary 244 cm x 64 cm set for R139.
  2. Bookstore voucher: While this may not seem the most exciting choice, encouraging young ones to become passionate about reading is always a good idea. If you do not already know the taste of the child you are buying for, maybe gifting them a bookstore voucher is the better option as it enables them to make their own choices.
    Where to buy? With branches across South Africa, Exclusive Books may prove a good option.
  3. Board game: The problem with buying gifts for kids is like buying clothing for kids, they tend to outgrow it quickly. Maybe a board game in this instance would be a good buy, as it allows kids hours of playing fun and depending on the game could mean they get years of use out of it. It is also always nice to have a gift that allows interaction and in doing so promotes sharing with others and helps to develop social skills. Games like 30 seconds junior or Adventurous African Safari, for example, may just land you the “cool uncle” title this Christmas.
    Where to buy? 30 seconds junior goes for R349.90 at ToysRUs while Monopoly Disney edition comes in at R447 on
  4. Paint set: Should your child have shown an artistic flair, gifting them with a paint set to explore that flair to their hearts content may be a good idea. Depending on the child’s age you can get away with purchasing a finger paint set for next to nothing. If, however, they are older a set like Art Lab for kids by Susan Schwake could do the trick.
    Where to buy? Addicted to Art has a finger paint set for R66,58. While Art Lab retails for R445 on
  5. CD set or music store voucher: Parents will often tell you that car rides with kids can be torturous at times, but putting on some music or even better an audiobook or set has been known to help as it keeps them busy. In this instance why not consider gifting them a story CD set. If the child is older it is almost a guarantee that they will have a favourite band or artist they are into. Here, gifting them with a music store voucher to pick up what they like or even better an iTunes voucher, granted they have an iPhone, could present as the perfect gift.
    Where to buy? Musica or the iTunes are worthwhile checking out.

Gifting should be fun but can get financially draining.

Tip – Setting out a Christmas gift shopping budget prior, however, could see you saving quite a bit of money.

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