5 more ways to make money in your spare time

Taking on a second job can be exhausting, but what else can you do when you need to make ends meet? Perhaps you’re still earning an entry level salary, or maybe your family is about to receive a new daughter – and with her, new costs.

Whatever your circumstances are, it may be possible to get by without a second job. Moneybags journalist, Isabelle Coetzee, had a look at some ways you can make money in your spare time.


  1. Be a mystery shopper

If you have an eye for detail, a knack for investigations, and an ever-lasting love for shopping, then this might be the gig for you. To be a mystery shopper you need to fill out an online application form with an agency, like What SA Thinks.

According to their website, “When an assignment arises in your area, which matches your profile, we will contact you via email or phone with some information about the assignment to see if you are interested. We will also do a brief telephonic interview.”

You will be sent to a specific store and instructed on what to ask for. For example, you could be sent to Woolworths and asked to enquire about their summer specials. You then need to secretly take notes on your experience, and report back to your agency. In return, they will pay you a small sum for your efforts.

Not sure if this is for you? To get some insight from an experienced mystery shopper, check out the following article.


  1. Become a tour guide

Perhaps you’re a history nut, and you pride yourself on being the best companion at a pub quiz – granted it’s about your local region. If you’re a charismatic, know-it-all you might consider becoming a local tour guide.

According to ToursByLocals, you need to be passionate and knowledgeable about your area, and know how to show strangers the unique and memorable side of your world. To find out more, have a look at this video.


  1. Become a stock photographer

Have you noticed you’re seldom in any photographs with friends or family because you tend to ‘play photographer’? You’ll be happy to know that being camera-shy may have developed your photography skills which you’ll finally be able to capitalise on.

Stock photography has grown in popularity over the years, and beginner photographers are taking up the challenge. Shutterstock, one of the leading royalty-free sites, claims that it wants to “see the world through your eyes”.

They accept both video and stills, and to sign up you simply need to create an account with them. Your content will get uploaded to their website, and the more people choose to download it, the more money you will get paid for it.

For a personal account, check out this blog post.


  1. Take part in a survey

Do you spend hours watching series or movies? Would you like to get paid at the same time? Why not take regular surveys while re-watching your favourite shows? If you have an internet connection, and some free time, this might be just what you’re looking for.

According to DataDiggers South Africa, this is “the place where you earn rewards by filling out various online surveys on your computer, smartphone or tablet, whenever you have some spare time and from anywhere you are, as long as you are connected to internet.”

After signing up, you can answer a list of questions to help them understand who you are. And you may receive your first survey by the following morning.


  1. Get paid to be someone’s friend

So, there’s this website where you can advertise your services as a friend to strangers. And no, it’s not a match-making or escort service. People genuinely contact you to simply hang out with them.

RentAFriend explains that, “You can rent a local Friend to hang out with, go to a movie or restaurant with, or someone to go with you to a party or event. Rent a friend to teach you a new skill or hobby, or to show you around an unfamiliar town.”

There are approximately 100 Capetonians who are currently renting out their services as friends. So if you love socialising and getting out of the house, this may be the perfect opportunity for you. If you’re concerned about what this is really all about, have a look at the following review.