7 Expenses to drop after turning 30

It’s OK that you spent too much in your twenties and came out of it with little to show but a few great memories and some embarrassing Facebook photos. It’s not ok to continue into your thirties with no awareness of, or control over, your finances. Here’s our list of the seven expenses you should drop now that you’re all grown up:

1. Take away food and late night petrol station snacks

Pies, slap chips, greasy burgers and chocolate bars are doing nothing for you nutritionally, and the cost of buying meals on a whim always adds up. Surely you’re old enough now to have a good stock of healthy food in your fridge?

Take a look at our guide on cutting costs at the grocery store for tips on how to save on food.

2. The laundrette

If you’re still lugging dustbin bags of clothes to the laundrette, it’s time you did the math and went to buy a washing machine. There are good deals on throughout the year, and you’ll be saving on everything from washing and ironing costs to petrol and dustbin bags.


Like that iGirl app – the one with the girl whose boob size you can adjust at will, who you’ve programmed to tell you you’re hot at 30 minute intervals during the day? Or that ringtone that sounds like a fart? The expenses attached to your phone are enough without engaging in unnecessary downloads and short-lived application flings. Let it go.

4. Cheap fashion that outdates in a season

There was a time when cheap fashion served a purpose – when that skirt or shirt would get you the looks you wanted at a party, and the clubs were so dark that no-one could see how cheap the material actually was. There was a time when it mattered that you looked like your friends did that summer, even though you wouldn’t be caught dead in that same outfit three months later.

Those bags full of impulse buys may feel (and look) cheap, but don’t be fooled into thinking the cost of being trendy doesn’t add up. The trick now is to invest in good quality, timeless pieces that will last you a few years without looking outdated.

5. Drunken binges

Although it always seems like a good idea at the time, the scrunched up bank slip you find in your pocket the next morning is often rather alarming. Cut down on booze-fueled nights out or, better yet, cut them out all together. Cheap shots with strange names only lead to more cheap shots and other impulsive purchases. We’re not suggesting you don’t have fun anymore. Just be civilised about it. Or smart. Check out our entertainment deals for moneysaving nights out.

6. High interest debts and old bank accounts

Are you still running that bank account that your parents opened for you when you fled the nest at 18? Are you still maxing out your high interest credit card and making minimal repayments on your loans? STOP. It’s time for a financial makeover. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save when you get your banking in order.

7. Penalties on late payments

Now that you’re not maxing out your credit card at the local bar, you’ve got no excuse not to pay your bills on time. Set up monthly debit orders, and make sure you repay your credit card on time to avoid paying high interest. If you have accounts at clothing or furniture stores, make sure you don’t miss your monthly repayments, as the interest on these is usually very high.

If you’re on the other side of thirty, but your finances are still in their teens, it’s time to take a more serious look at your budget. Try our Financial Makeover. It’s not as hard as it seems. Promise.

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