A look into Hyperli

Group buying websites still exist in South Africa despite GroupOn’s demise. One of the prominent ones being Hyperli. Moneybags journalist Danielle Van Wyk takes a look at how Hyperli has fared since its launch and who else occupies this space.

Having launched hot on the heels of GroupOn’s exit, Hyperli have been in existence since November 2016. With the shopping landscape changing to an online nature, and the tough economic space that South African consumers find themselves in, sites like Hyperli tend to fare well.

“Hyperli is a curated online marketplace which connects local businesses to local customers. Customers use us to discover the best restaurants, spas, and things to do in their immediate area. We offer compelling business listings, discounted offerings, and pre-packaged experiences, making Hyperli hyperlocal,” explains Hyperli.

Hyperlocal means that we aim to build a well-defined community. “We want to know who our customers are and tailor products with them in mind,’’ added Hyperli.

“Times are tough for South African consumers and business alike, so being able to deliver well-priced, immediate deals makes great business sense. Hyperli connects businesses to consumers, it provides an effective marketing tool for brands and services providers looking to expand their customer base and to profitably grow their businesses,” states Hyperli founder and CEO, Wayne Gosling upon Hyperli’s launch.

Despite being only 8 months old the site has already established itself as a one-stop-shop for deals in many of the country’s larger cities, like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Nelspruit, to name a few.

As for attracting new business, Hyperli, which essentially came in to fill the shoes of then GroupOn has done well to enlist merchants and partners that were previously not represented, in speaking to their audience, added Hyperli.

Some of Hyperli’s biggest competition stems from fellow South African group buying sites like Deal Africa, Deal Zone, Catch of the Day and OneDayOnly. However, some of these sites differ in model slightly in that they either host one day deals only or they act as an aggregator for deals from other group buying sites. This tends to leave them with less of an ability to build up an actual relationship with partners.

Here, Hyperli has also done well to form strategic partnerships with some of South Africa’s most loved brands including Ster Kinekor, Unilever, Jimmy’s Killer Prawns, to deliver exciting deals. In addition to getting the big name brands on board, for newer businesses Hyperli acts as a good advertising platform too. This is perpetuated by the ease of their sign-up or partnering process, which is condensed to an online form fill-out.

“While South Africa is still in the early stages of e-commerce adoption, we expect the next twelve months will be a breakthrough period for Hyperli. This will be accelerated by the growth of smartphone users who tend to be more engaged than web-only customers, purchasing more frequently and spending more,” stated Simon Bowes, retail director at Hyperli.

How do you buy?

Log in to www.hyperli.com if you are a first-time buyer and do not have a Hyperli Account click www.hyperli.com/account/register

Select the deal you want and click buy now. This item will be added to your cart and by selecting view cart, you will be given a summary of your order. Here you are able to review and change the quantity. The option to remove an item is also provided. By selecting Checkout now you will be prompted to add a shipping address for goods purchases or choose your payment method. You can either pay using your credit card, Snapscan or EFT Pro.