Adventure Clubs for parents and kids

As a parent, you want to enjoy your weekends with your children and come up with innovative and creative things for them to do to engage their busy little minds. The problem is you sometimes crave adult company and you don’t always feel inspired about what to do. This is why a new app called ‘Adventure Clubs’ has got me so excited. This app is the answer for parents like me who want to take their little darlings on adventures while interacting with other like-minded parents with young children.

Adventure Clubs is for parents with children aged six months to six years. Downloading the app is simple and free. If you have an iPhone, download the app from the Apple App Store or for androids simply find it on Google Play. Once the app is installed, you can scroll through all the events listed or search for events by day.

It seems that parents typically schedule events for during the week – I’m assuming it’s because more stay at home moms are using this app. Few events are listed for weekends and if they are they’re listed mostly on Saturday mornings.

But there’s still plenty to choose from – the events currently listed include an array of activities from pony rides, hip hop dance, learning to bake cupcakes, a penguin encounter, painting, theatre shows to ‘Spot the Giant Tortoise at the Vineyard Hotel’.

What is disappointing, however, is that some of the events are already full. Organisers get to set the number of ‘little adventurer spots’ and age ranges of the kids attending too. If you’re not fast, adventurer spots can close up fast.

The good news is that anyone can set an adventure. You can create, explore and join adventures in these 12 categories: animals, creative, education, environment, food, museums & culture, parks & playgrounds, sports & fitness, transportation, water play, other. So if you find that the adventures listed aren’t to your liking, or they all fill up or on days that don’t suit you, you can create your own adventure and invite anyone you like or create a private adventure where you just invite your friends and family.

So that’s exactly what I did. Undeterred by the fact that there weren’t any adventures I could join on a weekend that suited my timetable, I created a teddy bear picnic in Keurboom park in Cape Town for Sunday 15 May. As it’s my first adventure, I decided to ask each parent to bring a teddy bear in aid of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital, which usually gives the bears to children that have attended the burns unit. If you create your own adventure you can promote it on social media such as Facebook and Twitter (see my promotion down below).

Adventure Clubs Facebook promo

I was worried that I wouldn’t have any parents interested in the event so I invited two friends to join me at the picnic. I needn’t have worried though. At the time of writing, eight of 15 spots available have been filled. I’m looking forward to making friends with like-minded parents, allowing my children to meet others their age and of course donating some bears to the Red Cross.

For those of you watching the pennies the good news is that most of the events listed were either free or under R100 (see table below). So if you are bored or if you’re looking for a fun-filled adventure why not join one on Adventure Clubs or create your own.


Prices of adventures listed on Adventure Clubs (Cape Town, South Africa)Adventure clubs image

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