Beat festive season stress

Despite the fact that many people are going on holiday, many of us will have to handle the stress of family gatherings, over-crowded malls and having the kids at home for the holidays. We asked our N2 Fitness experts, Heinrich Smith and Emile Solomons for exercise tips to beat stress.

Smith says that exercise not only improves your health and fitness, but also has a positive impact on stress management. “Exercise promotes the release of feel good hormones called endorphins. The increase of endorphins leads to a feeling of euphoria, appetite regulation and an enhancement of immune response. This all helps counter the negative effects of stress,” says Smith.

Here are a few stress-busting exercises you can do at home during the holidays:


–              Stretch daily

–              Pilates and yoga

–              Skipping

–              Hitting the punching bag

–              Follow an aerobics/step dvd


Exercises you can do outside:

–              Brisk walk/jog/run (depending on your fitness level)

–              Play with your kids

–              Hiking

–              Swimming