Book review: Absolutely Awesome South Africa

Moneybags journalist Jessica Anne Wood reviews the coffee table book ‘Absolutely Awesome South Africa’.

‘Absolutely Awesome South Africa’ offers readers a uniquely South African take on the country. It is filled with interesting titbits of South African history, as well as fun little how to’s, such as how you can make biltong.

The book offers a range of photographs which have been taken from people’s social media pages, which can only be classed in the category of ‘only in Africa’. The colourful and sometimes funny images offer locals and foreigners a glimpse into what the real South Africa is like.

This coffee table book is definitely a conversation starter for entertainers and would be an excellent gift for overseas visitors. However, I feel, this is not the sort of book that you would necessarily look at often or read several times over.

The focus of the book is mainly positive. While it does show some of the horrors of Apartheid South Africa, there are still some aspects of South Africa that are not highlighted.


Author: Derryn Campbell

Cost: Soft Cover – R320; Hard Cover – R370


Availability: The book can be purchased at most book retailers and online.