Book review: ‘I’m not afraid of the ‘F’ word’

Moneybags journalist Jessica Anne Wood reviews a book which Charlotte Kemp wrote about the lessons she learnt following business failure.

‘I’m not afraid of the ‘F’ word’ offers first-hand experience on how managing and eventually selling or closing down a failing business can affect the various parts of your life. At the same time it offers valuable lessons that Kemp learnt when going through this process herself.

However, while the book offers some good and accurate advice at times, the strength of her arguments need to be examined. Kemp is now a speaker and trainer, however, she does not have any formal training or research in the advice that she is dishing out to those reading her book. She does reference others who have done some research in this field, but for the most part, the book is a subjective view of her experience.

For anyone wanting to start their own business, this may be an interesting book to read to see how one business failed and the road to that failure. I personally wouldn’t rely wholly on this book. I’d do my own market research and speak to other experts in the field.

Author: Charlotte Kemp

Cost: R150


Availability: The book is available through Kemp’s website (above)