Book review: Play to Win - What women can learn from men in business

Moneybags journalist Jessica Anne Wood reviewed the book ‘Play to Win: What women can learn from men in business’.

Despite the title of the book, it isn’t about women needing to be more like men in order to succeed. Rather, women are encouraged to make the most of their skills and those things that are thought of as being ‘female’, while also learning and utilising the skills that men use in the workplace.

This book encourages women to make use of their attributes, but learn from the men in the business world as well and add to their arsenal. The business world is dominated by men, and while women have their own unique skills, talents and ideas to add to the table, there are a number of skills that men possess that can only assist you in climbing the corporate ladder. Knowing the inner workings of the ‘old boys club’ can be an advantage to an ambitious woman.

In order to be the best in a work or business environment, the skills you may innately have as a woman, combined with those that make men so successful in work, can combine to make you the ultimate successful woman.


Author: Donna Rachelson

Cost: R160


Availability: The book can be purchased at most book retailers.