Budget-friendly exercise equipment

It’s the beginning of the year and everyone wants to start living a healthy lifestyle. But if you can’t afford a gym contract, which affordable gym equipment should you invest in to get into shape fast?

N2 fitness trainers, Heinrich Smith and Emile Solomons say that paying expensive gym memberships every month is a waste, especially if you end up not using it.

“Yes, you can get fit without going to the gym. Any of these affordable equipment used right will tighten and tone you right at home no matter your budget,” says Solomons.


Affordable equipment to tone you up

Skipping rope: Great for cardio vascular fitness.

Dumbbells: Doing lots of repetitions with dumbbells is great for toning.

Aerobic Step: Good for cardio but can also be used in several body weight exercises.

Medicine ball: Good for anaerobic fitness and overall body toning.

Physio /Core stability ball: To get the best stomach workout you can do you ab-exercises with the stability ball.

Kettlebell: Can be used to improve cardio vascular fitness or strength.

Resistance band or tubing: Great for firming and toning.

Yoga mat: Used for bodyweight exercises, yoga or pilates.

Suspension trainer: A form of resistance training that includes body weight exercises.

Smith says that many exercise equipment are very expensive, but you can easily find affordable alternatives.


A few alternative examples:

A suspension trainer instead of an all-in-one home gym machine.

Pilates Dvd instead of a pilates reformer machine.

Skipping rope instead of a treadmill

Bosu ball/ balance ball instead of vibration machine


Smith adds that when it comes to buying exercise equipment can sometimes be a very difficult task. But often to get into shape you don’t need any equipment. One of the best forms of exercise is using your own bodyweight.

Solomons adds that bodyweight exercises will allow you to do a full body workout. Bodyweight training includes multi-joint exercises that target more than one muscle group and makes your body strong and functional.


Benefits of bodyweight exercises:

–       It cost nothing

–       It can be done anywhere

–       There are many variations

–       It improves functional strength


Examples of bodyweight exercises:

Push –ups