Eight ways to stay fit at work

Our days aren’t getting any longer and our to do list at work isn’t getting any shorter. We all are juggling full time jobs and demands of family and friends but we can all get some exercise while we a work say N2 Fitness gurus Emile Solomons and Heinrich Smith.


Here are eight ways to keep fit at work and keep your energy levels up:


1. Bring fitness to your workplace

Working out can be done while you work. Let a company come to your workplace and do on-site exercise classes and let them put your staff through their paces in one of the board room


2. Start a walking groups

It’s easy and can be done anywhere even at the office. Ten minute indoor / outdoor sessions is more then enough or during your lunch break.


3. Use the stairs instead of the lift

Avoid the lift for a week and just use the stairs. You will be amazed by how great you will feel and all the health benefits you will get.


4. Cycle to work

Why use your car if you can cycle to work. Cycling is great for cardiovascular fitness and you will save a lot of money.


5. Park ten minutes away from the office

This is a good way to get fresh air and some exercise twice a day. Try and encourage some of your colleagues at work to join you or other people close to your work.


6. Deskercise

Having a two to three minute stretching routine every hour will be great if you have a desk job. Get up and walk to get some water from the furthest water cooler in your office. The stretching and getting up every now and then will be good for energy levels and productivity.


7. Sit on a physio ball

Sit on a physio ball while doing your job. It’s good for your core muscles and balance.


8. Steps competition

Get a pedometer and start a step competition among your fellow colleagues. See who has done the most steps while at work for the week or month.



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