Exercise tricks for a flatter stomach

This week we once again turn to Heinrich Smith and Emile Solomons from N2 Fitness to get exercise tips for a flat belly.


Smith says there is lots you can do to achieve a flat belly, from the very basic crunch to the advanced exercises using a suspension trainer. “We all strive to get that flat belly. But after hundreds of crunches, it never seems to materialize,” says Smith.


He explains that the abdominals are a complex group of muscles because they can contract, rotate and extend in all directions. It is imperative that you mix up your exercises and not just focus on your favourite ones to ensure you keep muscular balance, proportion and posture.


Don’t over do it


It is important to remember that your abdominal muscles are like any other muscles in the body. If you over train them, they would become stronger, but also bigger. This could make your stomach bulge out which would defeat the ‘flat stomach’ look you are working towards.


Solomons says finding a balance between nutrition and exercise is key. Even if you were to do all the abs exercises available, your nutrition needs to work in tandem, as bad nutrition would hide the results of thousands of ab exercises.


N2’s top flat belly tips:

–          Train you abdominal muscles often (once to twice a week).

–          Be sure to mix up your exercises.

–          Eat right.

–          You could do abdominal exercises in between sets of other exercises (also known as active recovery).

–          Do the harder abdominal exercises first to get them out of the way and keep your favourite ones for last so you stay motivated.