Father’s Day three-course meal

Father’s Day is often less hyped than Mother’s Day but this doesn’t mean you should spoil your Dad any less. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This Sunday you can melt your father’s heart by preparing a mouth-watering, yet affordable three course meal for him. Chef Dion Vengatass (pictured) shows us how to whip up a starter, main meal and dessert that also won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

To give your dad the meal of his dreams Vengatass suggests you get a few craft beers and do a ‘beer and dine’ tasting menu for him:

For starters, prepare a steak tartare with some fresh crisp French loaf.

Steak tartare

Ingredients (serves four people)

  • 400gr lean beef top side (finely minced ask your local butcher)
  • 2gr celery salt
  • 2gr paprika
  • 3gr ground black pepper
  • 2gr Dijon mustard
  • 1gr onion powder
  • 1gr garlic powder
  • 2gr fresh parsley chopped finely
  • sliced gherkins to garnish
  • sliced onion rings to garnish
  • lightly toasted French loaf



  1. Add all ingredients together and mix well
  2. Slice bread into 2cm pieces and lightly toast
  3. Place a good amount of the beef mixture on the toasted bread
  4. Garnish with the sliced gherkins and onion
  5. Best paired with a good ale

For the main course stick to steak.

“Trust me, any man will melt for a perfectly cooked steak with some crispy onion rings with potato wedges, accompanied by a chilli mayonnaise and a salad,” says Vengatass.

Spoil your father with a well matured steak. You should ask your butcher for a steak that is hung for three weeks and matured for one week at least. This has a richer and tastier flavour. Go for something like rump or sirloin. They are less expensive, but still packed with tons of flavour.


When cooking your steak, you need to medium grill in until it reaches 45 degrees Celsius. Remove from the grill and finish in a pan with a table spoon of butter, rosemary, thyme and a bay leaf until it reaches 50 degrees Celsius. Then allow to rest for about four minutes before serving. Requires more time, but it’s bound to knock your dad off his feet.

Onion rings


  • 2ea whole medium white onions peeled and cut into 1cm rings
  • 200gr all self-rising flower
  • 1ea bottle of beer


  1. Whisk beer into flour until batter consistency is reached
  2. Dust onions in flour then into the batter and deep fry till golden brown
  3. Best done in batches and not all at once as they stick together in the fryer
  4. Season immediately once it comes out of the fryer

For dessert, go for a simple but tasty treat.  Considering the weather we are having a great choice would be malva pudding.

Malva pudding


  • 250gr castor sugar
  • 2ea large whole eggs
  • 1tbsp apricot jam
  • 175gr cake flour
  • 2tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 2tbsp butter
  • 1tbsp vinegar
  • 125ml milk
  • 250ml fresh cream
  • 115gr butter
  • 100gr white sugar
  • 125ml brandy
  • pinch of salt


  1. Begin by pre-heating your oven at 180 degrees
  2. Beat sugar and the eggs till fluffy.
  3. Add apricot jam and beat until it’s creamy
  4. Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl (sugar, flour, bicarb and salt)
  5. Melt butter and add vinegar and the milk
  6. Add the mixed dry ingredients to the egg mixture and milk mixture until well combined
  7. Pour into a non -tick oven dish and bake for 35 minutes
  8. For the sauce melt the butter, cream, 100gr sugar and the brandy.
  9. Pour sauce over the pudding when it comes out of the oven
  10. Ready to serve with an ice cold Larger

Good luck and I hope all the dads out there have a fantastic Father’s Day meal – Chef Dion Vengatass.