Fitness in front of your TV

It takes time to commute to and from the gym, contracts are expensive, and you need to lug around an extra bag all day. The gym is not for everyone.

What if you’d like to get fit without the extra admin? What if you prefer working out in the privacy and comfort of your own home? At-home video workouts may be for you.

Monaybags journalist, Isabelle Coetzee, has a look at three popular home fitness personalities who offer cardio programmes you can try at home.


Somizi Mhlongo AKA Divo

He turns to the side, slaps his butt, and stares down the camera: “It’s not #squadgoals, it’s #squatgoals.”  This outspoken Idols judge decided to tackle the fitness world in 2016 when he released his Dance DVD, called Grind with Somizi. It includes five ‘dancercise’ programmes, plus a free nutritional eating plan, measuring chart, and body mass index guide. Their Facebook page explains that it’s based on South Africa’s most popular dance moves, and anybody can participate regardless of their fitness level.

Price: R149.00

Where to find it? Most supermarkets offer it in-store, and it’s also available at Verimark.


Shaun Thompson AKA Shaun T

With catch-phrases like ‘dig deeper’ and ‘max out’, this American fitness guru challenges everyone who attempts his programmes. After gaining 50 pounds (22kg) during his first year at university, Shaun T decided to transfer credits to study Sports Science. His most popular programme, called ‘Insanity’, was marketed as “the hardest workout ever put on DVD” – and with good reason! If you’re looking for a challenge, then Shaun T is the at-home fitness instructor for you. Instead of gradually building up to a routine, he uses High Intensity Interval Training to drop you in the deep end. But that doesn’t mean you need to be in good shape to start this programme – all you need is determination.

Price: R102.82 per month

Where can you find it? Visit Beachbody and sign up to stream all Shaun T’s programmes.


Anthony Sawyer Horton Jr. AKA Tony Horton

After moving to Southern California (USA), where Horton made coffee runs for producers at 20th Century Fox, he started working as a personal trainer for one of their executives. Having grown up as a self-proclaimed ’98-pound (44kg) weakling’, he understood the value of training. Within no time his clientele grew to include Bruce Springsteen, Usher, Tom Petty, Billy Idol, and Annie Lennox. In 2001 he released his first at-home fitness programme, called Power 90, and in 2004 he hit gold with his famous P90X programme. However, remembering his roots, Horton created an introductory DVD in 2014, called P90, for those who want to start in the shallows. “We take care of you. We ease you into this thing,” he explains.

Price: R905.34 for P90

Where can you find it? This can be found on Amazon.

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