Five Ways to Save with Busabout

Contributed by Busabout and The Travel Corporation

Who doesn’t want to pack their bags right this very minute and head off into the wide blue yonder? It’s not only our jobs, studies and bills to pay that stop us, but also the rising cost of travel. So what can a wanna-be world traveller do to get the best deal and still have enough cash on hand for the extras that make your holiday one to remember?

Travelling with Busabout is affordable and they also offer all their guests five extra ways to save when buying through them. We spoke to Jessica Clarke, the brand manager of this travel group, to get the lowdown on how they make those savings to the benefit of all travellers.

“We really believe in giving our travellers excellent value for their Rands but we’ve come up with some extra ways to help them save as much as possible, starting with our multi-trip deals” says Clarke,

Multi-trip deals

As a South African traveller not only does your airfare take a large chunk out of your travel budget, it’s also a long way to travel to Europe so you might as well make the most of it while you’re there. When travellers buy two or more qualifying trips together they will receive a 10% discount off the total price through Busabout.

As an example, Busabout has a Turkey Sail trip loaded where travellers can marvel at ancient sunken ruins, eat tasty fresh food and enjoy swims in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean priced from R7620 per person sharing. This eight-day sail along the Turquoise Coast pairs up wonderfully with their seven-day Turkey Cappadocia trip that takes in Kas, Olympos Beach, Konya, Cappadocia, Lake Tuz and Istanbul. This is inclusive of accommodation with breakfast daily, tons of sightseeing, guided walks and two dinners.

With a multi-trip discount, travellers only pay R15 309 – a saving of over R1700.


If you’re a student you qualify for savings too. Busabout works closely with ISIC, ISE and ITIC to provide bona fide students with discounts starting with a flat saving off the price of their trips. These student cards are a passport to discounts beyond travel and are valid in over 130 countries. Student travellers save money on shopping, accommodation, food, transport, entertainment and so much more.

Busabout’s Ibiza Blast starts from R5310 for ordinary travellers but students can take nearly R300 off this price and only pay R5050 per person sharing for three nights (excluding flights) in Ibiza partying up a storm. “The beauty of our Student Rates is that they’re also combinable with our other discounts such as the Multi-trip and Mates Rates, which means our future doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, electricians, and marketers save even more,” says Clarke.

Mates rates

Can’t bear to be parted from your friends? Then bring them along and score with Busabout’s Mates Rates. Four of you travelling together gets you each 5% off the trip price. However if you can rustle another nine fun loving travellers then you each get to take 10% off.

The Croatia One Way Sail is priced from R10 060 per person sharing – take your 10% off and you’ll be sailing from Split to Dubrovnik from R9054 each. This includes seven nights’ accommodation on one of Busabout’s boats with your own crew, breakfast and lunch daily, orientation walks, bedding and plenty of Busabout highlights.

Speak to Busabout directly to find out how you can charter one of their boats exclusively for you and your mates and make it the best holiday ever.

Past Passengers

“There are real benefits of being part of a larger company,” says Clarke, “and one of these is what we call our past passenger savings.” If you have travelled with Busabout or any of their sister companies in The Travel Corporation you will automatically get a 5% discount of any trips that are three days or longer.

Busabout has two other sister companies called Shamrocker Adventures and Haggis who operate in Ireland and Scotland respectively. Get their most popular Irish trip, the Celtic Rocker, from only R6960 (take off 5%) and save on your visa fees, as well.  SA passport holders don’t need a visa to visit Ireland providing they fly on an airline that doesn’t touch down in an area where you need a visa.

If you’re keen to see the Scottish Highlands then the Skye High trip taking in Loch Ness, the Isle of Skye and Glencoe is perfect. Priced from R2980 (don’t forget your 5% discount) gets you grooving around the glens with a Haggis guide.

Early booking savings

The earlier you book and pay for your deposit on any Busabout, Haggis or Shamrocker trip the more you will save. Booking before the end of April means you get to take up to 12% off any Haggis or Shamrocker trip or the Unlimited Hop-on Hop-off Pass. Other discounts of up to 10% apply to the rest of Busabout’s packages and trips.

Clarkecontinues: “The more you save upfront the more you have to spend on beer in Munich, cocktails in Ibiza and experiences that Busabout make possible.”  The Night Bike Tour in Paris with a company called Fat Tire Bikes will have you seeing the City of Lights at its best. Or the High Ropes Park sees you climbing trees, zipping across high wires, crossing rope bridges and walking the plank in Lauterbrunnen.

Flexible deposit

Life happens and plans can change so Busabout have a flexible deposit that takes your spontaneity and independence into account. If you need to change your plans once you’ve made your booking and paid your deposit (R1000) they will keep your money on their system for 24 months giving you the chance to rebook without losing your money.

To book a trip with Busabout contact your local ASATA travel agent or contact them directly on (011) 280 8400. You can also visit for more details or to check out their amazing trips.