How to get movie discounts

The price of South African movie tickets are notoriously expensive, and tend to go up every year. But with a few of the rewards programmes available through Nu Metro and Ster Kinekor cinemas, you can avoid paying the full price, wrote Danielle Van Wyk.

The below is an outline of a few of the rewards programmes available:


Ster Kinekor 2D 3D
Ster Kinekor Tuesday Club 50% off 50% off
Discovery Vitality R24-R38 R24-R50
Edgars Club R24-R41 R26-R55
Nu Metro 2D 3D
Clicks Club R45 R65
Vodacom Rewards R25
Nu Metro Wowza Wednesday R40 R55

* The above is correct as of the 8/10/2017

Other ways of obtaining discounts include purchasing movie ticket deals through group buying sites like Picodi and Hyperli.

These discounts often do not extend to the snack kiosk, which means you will still be paying the full price for any food or drink you are looking to purchase.

With both the Ster Kinekor and Nu Metro club cards, the trick as with the other rewards cards is to swipe them as often as you get the chance in order to accumulate points.

“The points you accumulate from swiping your club card each time you watch a movie can score you a free movie and snacks when you reach a certain number of points,” adds Ster Kinekor.

Important to note, however, is that club members can only cash in on the specials when they have their club card with them.

“Movie benefits are often a popular value add on various banking and medical aid products. Very often people are unaware of these benefits, so it is key to make sure you know and understand the benefits you have access to” Ster Kinekor states.

Programmes like Absa rewards, for example, offer 50% upfront discount on movie tickets at Nu Metro cinemas nationwide.

A trip to the cinema needn’t be an expensive treat if you’re smart about it. Filling out forms for various rewards cards may seem a schlep but could see you saving quite a bit of money in the long run.