How much does it cost to deliver a parcel in SA?

Looking for a quick way to deliver your parcels across South Africa at a reasonable price? Moneybags writer, Alina Hardcastle, contacts numerous couriers that offer nationwide delivery in search of the best deal.

As most courier services make use of volumetric weight calculations, Moneybags enquired about the cost of delivering a book of a random dimension (30 x 30 x 30 cm, weighing 1kg) from Cape Town City Centre to Sandton City in Johannesburg in order to give you a perspective on the transport price.

In our mystery comparison, the fees for their services showed up as follows:



24-48 hours

Two-three days


Same day

Based on the information in the tables above, it’s evident that a two-three day delivery option offers the most economical prices whereas a same day parcel deliveries are the most expensive. However, it’s always good to shop around as you never know who you will give you the best deal on the day. You should also opt for getting a quote online as this tends to be cheaper than a telephonic quote at courier companies such as RAM couriers. Most of the above delivery services offer liability cover as well as tracking of your parcel.


Alternatively, you can visit a website called Rush. This site allows you to compare couriers, their prices and delivery services in real-time.  You can book your parcel in before 14:30 and have it delivered within one to three days to major centres or up to five days for outer-lying or remote areas. Goods must be collected before 17:00 or the next business day.