How to buy tickets for the 2015 Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup will be held in England next year but will it be affordable for South Africans to attend the event? Sean Binedell looks at the package deals on offer and provides advice to those thinking of attending the event on a budget.

The Rugby World Cup is an event that many South Africans look forward to. But attending the event is often out of many South African’s reach thanks to the weakness of the Rand, the country’s local currency.

With the exchange rate currently sitting at £1 = R17, 59, wallets are sure to be severely depleted for anyone looking to attend the event. Moneybags has decided to take a look at the going rates for 2015’s biggest rugby event and help you start planning your savings.

What you can expect to pay

If you wish to see a South African game in England, be prepared to fork out between R350 to R1490 for a group game against one of the lower ranked nations and between R1480 to R2975 for South Africa’s biggest game in the group stages against Scotland. It seems like a huge cost to go see a rugby game, however, when you compare these prices to the home nation’s games they are considerably lower. Supporters who want to watch England vs. Australia or England vs. Wales have to pay in the region of £160 (R2720) to £315 (R5512).

Naturally as the tournament progresses ticket prices increase. To view a quarter-final you would have to fork out between £95 (R1662) and £250 (R4375). A semi-final £125 (R2187) – £515 (R9012) and the final, will set you back between £150 (R2625) to £715 (R12512). The price depends on the category of your tickets.

SA Rugby Travel is the official IRB travel agency for South Africa. The cheapest package to see a game is R22000, while the most expensive involving the final costs around R45 000. Below are three packages recommended by SA Rugby Travel for South African Travellers, which are the cheapest currently available.


Tour A

For more information, click here.

South Africa vs. Samoa

24th Sep leave Joburg airport

26th Game Category 4 ticket

Return 29 Sep

Four nights accommodation, breakfast and travelling to and from game and airports will be covered.  Exclusions:Doesn’t not include airport taxes.

Package: R24 500


Tour B

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South Africa vs. Scotland

27th Sep leave Johannesburg

3rd – Game category D ticket

4th – October leave

Two nights in London and two nights in Newcastle.

Package: R27595


Tour C

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28 October – depart Johannesburg

30th Oct – Bronze final

31st Oct – Final

2nd – November depart

Four nights stay in London

Breakfast daily

Exclusive access to Bok Park and memorabilia. Travelling costs covered.

Cost – R43 050


Alternatively, if you are thinking of flying over to England and avoiding taking a package Moneybags has researched what your cost estimate will be for a four day stay.  Flights from OR Tambo airport to London will currently set you back R20 000 return. Airlines are not yet taking bookings for next year September, however you could expect a price increase by 10%.


So, a return airfare from South Africa to England will set you back R22 000. Accommodation in London and its outlying areas range from between R1700 to R8000 a night. This also depends on the quality of your accommodation and the day in question. If we include meals for a four day stay at R520 a day (£30) we have a total between R7000 and R14 000 for accommodation and food. Include the ticket price into your equation, which includes travel expense to and from games, you could be forking out another R350 to R8000 depending on the game and category of the ticket.


Tip: If you are staying for a while the host cities could offer you discounts if you buy tickets on a weekly basis instead of daily. You could, for example, save money by buying a weekly train ticket from the London Underground for the zones you need covered. This will generally be cheaper than buying daily ticket every day that you travel.


Lowest estimate to see a group game: R27350

Lowest estimate to see the final: R42 000


How to buy tickets for the RWC

Tournament organisers have confirmed that at least 2.3 million tickets will be available across the tournament’s 48 matches and fans can secure tickets via the public sales process managed by England 2015 or the official travel and hospitality programmes managed by Rugby Travel and Hospitality (RTH).

If you do not have a ticket through a package supplied by one of the IRB selected agencies, the dates below show when you will be able to purchase your ticket.

The key dates to purchase tickets are:

January 1, 2014 – Travelling fan packages go on sale.

February 2, 2014 – Hospitality packages go on sale.

May/June 2014 – Tickets on sale to Rugby fans through Rugby clubs.

September 2014 – General sale application process begins.

November/December 2014 – Real time sale of remaining tickets.

In September 2014, one year from the tournament, general sales will begin through a public application process. Fans will be able to apply for tickets with oversubscribed matches being entered into a ballot system. Click here to buy tickets.


Moneybags’ verdict:

Package tours could give you the peace of mind you need that you need. It means that your flights, accommodation and tickets will be organised all by one company and it certainly takes the hassle out of organising everything yourself and paying for flights, accommodation and tickets individually. They also provide you with a guaranteed game whereas if you apply online you may not get a ticket under the ballot system.

However, if you want to save money you could do so. Flights to England from South Africa close to the RWC will no doubt be expensive, however, you could save money on accommodation by shopping around on official safe websites. If you really feel adventurous and saving money is a priority you could embrace concepts such as couch surfing. For more about how this works, check out this website:

It is also important to book early for flights and accommodation as during the World Cup period facilities are booked up quickly. If you have relatives staying in the area, travel up earlier and leave later as it will cost you less in flights.




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