How to get the Mango App on your android device

Mango want to ramp up their mobile app subscribers says Sean Binedell but if you download it to your cell phone you can actually reap some good benefits.


A number of enticing deals have been already enjoyed by those who swiftly downloaded their mobile app and bought flights. Just recently the airline sold flight for R1 and another deal allowed you to fly between Johannesburg and Cape Town or between Durban and Cape Town for R865 one way, all inclusive. Mango are currently pushing their mobile app for smart phones and are offering a whole range of discounted flights for flyers who decide to download it.


Their latest deal is targeted out pensioners, who are offered 15% off. Don’t stress, we know technology can be confusing on occasion. Follow the Moneybags step by step how to download the app guide to reap the benefits:


Step 1

Open up the Apps Icon, whereby your current Apps on your phone will appear.

Swipe along screen until you find the Play Store App.





















Step 2

Open up Play Store and select the magnify glass situated in the right hand corner to allow the search function to appear.




















Step 3

Type in Mango airlines in the search box in order to find the correct app required to download for Mango’s specials.





















Step 4

Select App called Mango Airlines and press install. The App will install and be available in your stored Apps section in your Apps folder.





















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