How to make money as a comper

Money might be a little tight, but what if you don’t have enough hours in the day to go out and get a second job. What if there was a way that you could make money from the comfort of your home? There is.

Taking part in competitions and surveys is one way that you can earn some extra cash. Moneybags journalist Ashleigh Brown looks at some online operators where you can go to help you out with some extra money.


WinStuff is an online competition directory for South Africa. It lists the latest competitions, and links to where you can enter them.

“Each year, there are thousands of online competitions which are exclusive to South Africa. Prizes range from money to cars to electronics to shopping vouchers to over-seas holidays… all being given away for free! We bring all of those competitions together on one site, just for you,” says the website.

WinStuff says that you can rest assured that they only list legitimate campaigns and the prizes you see are real prizes offered by real websites in South Africa.


WebWin is much the same as WinStuff: they list various different competitions on their site, and links to where you can enter them.

They started back in 2011, with a background in media and advertising sales.

“The awesome competitions we list are always free to enter and only require your basic details, we don’t believe in competitions where you have to give a DNA sample to enter,” says the website.


SurveyCompare is a website that has various different surveys you can take, and either win prizes, or earn money.

You have to sign up to the site, in order to take the surveys. When signing up, you have to select which survey companies you want to join, so that you only get surveys on topics you are interested in.

The rest of the sign up is just your basic information.

Money for jam

M4JAM (Money for Jam) allows public and private sector organisations to directly engage with end consumers to perform simple tasks using their mobile devices while they go about their daily routines in exchange for cash.

Here you will be asked, for example, to comment on a display in a shop, or to answer questions on your fashion choices.

In order to use the service, simply download WeChat, search for the WeChat Official Account: ‘Money4Jam,’ register and start jobbing. Once you have registered, you can click on the “search for jobs” icon to find jobs in your area.

You will be charged R4 to withdraw money from your wallet, which can be done at any Pick n Pay till point.

To find more, click here.


Everyone has some old or used phones laying around that just take up space and gather dust. Zwipit South Africa, an ecommerce business, will give you cash for your mobile devices.

Zwipit specialises in buying used and new mobile devices. They enable you to sell your mobile devices for what they claim are competitive cash prices.

This way, you can make some extra money by getting rid of those old phones.

In order to sell your phone, simply go to their website, enter your phone make and model – for example, a Nokia 3310 – and a price will come up. You will have to also declare if your phone is in working order or not.

As long as your phone isn’t water damaged, Zwipit are prepared to take your non-working phone off your hands too. If you are happy with the price, just click on ‘sell’ and follow the instructions.

For more information, click here.


Answered is an online survey site, where users answer survey questions and earn points. These points can be redeemed.

You will earn 10 points (which equals R20) for every survey answered, but you can only cash out once you reach 50 points.

You can get the cash you have earned paid into your account or you can use it to make a charity donation. If you want to rather redeem your rewards for vouchers, then you can do that too.

Apart from the cash and rewards you’ll to earn, there are a host of other benefits to being an Answered Opinion Leader:

  • Influence SA’s top brands and how they communicate with you.
  • Gain exposure to new products and ideas.
  • Access a dedicated forum to share your opinions with other opinion leaders.
  • Get feedback on your opinions from others in the Answered community.

In order to sign up for Answered, simply click here.