How to save for your Halloween costume and party

Sean Binedell imparts with some practical advice and tips on how to save money if you go trick or treating or if you are hosting a Halloween party.

Halloween is nearly upon us and it is time to unearth the dusty decorations and costumes in preparation for parties, trick or treating, playing pranks and telling scary stories.

Halloween doesn’t mean you have to venture out though. A favourite of mine is to watch scary movies and shout at the seemly naïve movie characters as they enter dark and debilitated houses unaware of the quite obvious sinister horrors inside.

However, if you are keen for a party or to go ‘trick or treating’, Halloween can be an expensive occasion, especially when you start adding up the cost of costumes, treats and new decorations. When you consider that Christmas is right around the corner, the idea of being more fiscally responsible is suddenly very appealing. Do not fret, Moneybags will provide you with some ideas for Halloween that are bound the save you some money.


Here are our top Halloween savings tips:

  1. Buy sweets in bulk:  Try purchasing treats from bulk suppliers such as Makro or Game.
  2. Purchase classic costumes instead of the deluxe ones as the price difference between the two are high considering that  the only change is some extra accessories that are easily made at home or bought cheaply at Chinese stores. Online store Light in the Box, for example, offer basic costumes for around R400, while a more elaborate get-up can range between R600 to R700.
  3. Rent, don’t buy: there are many costume rental stores around Cape Town and Johannesburg, where you can rent outfits for between R150 and R180 a week.
  4. Second-hand or thrift stores offer costumes for much lower prices than buying new. Visit a R5 Store or China Town as they offer cheap accessories and costumes.
  5. Alternatively, if you are a regular Halloween enthusiast, invest in good quality decorations and costumes, will last for years and can either be resold or swapped with friends. That way you can ensure that you and your kids have a different outfit to wear next year.
  6. When hosting Halloween parties ask people to chip in and bring something for the festivities such as sweets, food or games. A common trick of mine for the older Halloween parties, is to make sure every couple brings their own fun version of booze laced Jelly baby’s, Jelly shots etc.
  7. Make your own treats, such as brownies and cup-cakes for potential trick or treaters.
  8. Stay away from popular brand named treats, as they generally will cost you more than the lesser known products.


Get up and go

Do you still need to sort out your outfit and would rather rent it than buy it? Here are some stores you could visit:

Cape Town

Annie’s Angels

Costume hire price: R120 to R180

021 788 6368

Salt River, Woodstock



Sinderalla Costume Hire

Costume Hire Price: R120 – R240

011 782 0622

Pine Park, Johannesburg



Costume Carnival

Costume price hire: R120 to R170

083 258 0635

Broadway, Durban North