Issi on Bree’s exclusive Moneybags' deal

Known for their delectable, creamy and mouth-watering salted caramel cheese cake, Issi on Bree, situated in one of the trendiest strips in Cape Town, has welcomed a new bakery, Batter&Dough (founded by self-taught French patisserie chef, Johan Koetze) on board.

Together Issi and Batter&Dough are bringing our MoneyBags’ readers an exclusively decadent deal.

The coffee shop that opened in June of 2014 provides a comfortable and relaxed retreat for anyone that needs a break from office life. For some it feels like a second home as it offers consistently good coffee, hearty meals, delicious treats and free Wi-Fi.

“Over the past year or two we’ve learned many lessons, paid our school fees and have drawn from personal experience as well as the feedback from many of our customers to create a small space which we can be proud of. Our growth is by no means finished and we hope to keep adding to our offering”, says co-owner and founder of Issi on Bree, Gerald Walus.

Batter&Dough joined Issi as a partner this month, co-habiting under the same roof and will be performing all their artisan baking on-site.


Exclusive deal for MoneyBags’ readers

Issi and Batter&Dough are offering our readers three combos to choose from to accommodate all taste buds:

  1. A small cappuccino and lemon madeleine, usual priced at R31, for R25
  2. A large cappuccino and a choice of; lemon tart, salted caramel Lindt chocolate ganache or mille-feuille, usually priced at R56, for R45
  3. A large cappuccino and a choice of; a vegetarian tomato gruyere quiche tart or black-forest ham and gruyere cheese croissant, usually priced at R59, for R47.

Whether you are on the go and need something for the road or taking a break in your lunch hour, this special will be available all day, from 6:30 until 16:00 between 17 and 24 June.

All you have to do is click here to get your hands on this voucher, print it out, or download it, present it at Issi and bon appetite.