Meat free potjie recipe

It’s possible to make a meat free potjie, which still boasts a ‘meaty taste’ says Toni Brockhovan, national chairperson of Beauty Without Cruelty. “Although lamb style chunks are used, the result is almost beefy and thought to be venison during the competition tasting. This potjie received third place in a meat heavy competition,” she says.

Here’s how Brockhovan made it:

2 pkts Fry’s spicy curry style chunks, well rinsed, dried, rolled with 2 Tsp Steak and Chops seasoning and about 1/4 cup cornflour and browned in *schmaltz or oil, till you have some crispy bits
2 spanish onions, cut into wedges
2 full celery sticks chopped (no leaves)
2 large sweet carrots, peeled and sliced in chunks
1 large peeled Kumara, in chunks (orange fleshed sweet potato) or use standard if unavailable
3 very large crushed cloves of garlic
1 Tbs *schmaltz or olive oil
¼ tsp ground nutmeg
1 generous Tbs stock powder of choice (beef style is recommended) or scant Tbs Marmite
1 Tbs **Dulse flakes (Or a tsp or so powdered Nori sheet)
2 sticks of cinnamon
2 fresh bay leaves
1 long sprig fresh rosemary
¼ cup gin
½ to 1/3 bottle of smooth, easy drinking Red
1 cup water as needed

To prepare: Put everything in a suitable sized pot, and mix. Put the lid on, place on grid over low coals low and leave. Stir gently after an hour and a half, to check on carrots, if they are done, you are ready.

**Dulse is an irish seaweed. If you have a sheet of Nori, crumble and use a generous Tbs. Like anchovies it cooks away and adds a gentle depth
*Schmaltz is a refrigerated, solid oil found at the Kosher section.