More perks for Uber driver-partners

Just a few months ago Uber announced their car leasing programme with Wesbank which offers driver partners to lease vehicles, up their credit rating and eventually buy the car through the programme.

It appears that the perks don’t stop there. Uber has partnered with two other companies, Old Mutual, which is offering a free money management courses to driver-partners across South Africa; and KaeloXelus, which is giving driver-partners access to an occupational health product offering.

Alon Lits, general manager for Uber Sub-Saharan Africa, says: “We are committed to supporting all the drivers who use the Uber app. We’re always ensuring that Uber is an attractive platform for them to build a small business, so we are really excited to be partnering with Old Mutual and KaeloXelus to add value to the lives of driver-partners.”


KaeloXelus will provide driver-partners access to one of their health insurance packages called Myhealth Plus. For only R73 including VAT per week, driver-partners can enjoy comprehensive private care with a host of extended benefits through a national network of professional, private healthcare providers, including doctors, dentists, optometrists and pharmacists.

“We are proud to be partnering with Uber and we are passionate about enhancing the wellness of all driver-partners, and also delivering a positive impact on their families. We look forward to making a difference,” says John Jutzen, director at KaeloXelus.

Old Mutual

To further benefit driver partners, Old Mutual will provide free workshops on money management to drivers across South Africa. Uber says: “The course is designed to help people to understand basic money principles, develop healthy savings habits and create financial wellbeing.”

John Manyike, head of financial education at Old Mutual, says that Old Mutual feels privileged to play a role in helping Uber entrepreneurs make the most of their hard-earned money. “Small businesses are vital in driving inclusive economic growth in South Africa and their success will ultimately benefit us all.”

Driver-partners will be able to access the two offerings directly through Uber’s Marketplace platform which is called Uber Momentum. It attempts to help partners to get more money by giving them access to numerous discount deals within their city, from cheaper maintenance products to discounted data bundles.

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