My Fair Lady opens in Cape Town

Saturday 16 July saw the opening performance of the Gilbert and Sullivan Society’s staging of ‘My Fair Lady’. Moneybags journalist Jessica Anne Wood was there and praises the effort put into the production by the cast and crew.

The show begins

As the lights dimmed and the curtain was raised, a hush filled the theatre, and the orchestra began. There is something magical about going to the theatre and being immersed in an alternate world, even if only for a few hours. The accents and costumes of the cast of My Fair Lady were authentic enough to make you think you lived in 19th century England.

One of the moments that stands out for me is when Barend van der Westhuizen (playing the character of Freddy Eynsford-Hill) took to the stage for ‘On the street where you live’. His powerful voice carried the audience away.

Linda Eedes transformed into Eliza Doolittle, appearing to effortlessly slip into the cockney accent and transition into a ‘lady’ via the tutelage of Professor Higgins. Her rendition of ‘I could have danced all night’ stayed with me well after leaving the theatre.

However, for those thinking that this is just a show for the ladies, think again. There were a number of men in attendance, and they enjoyed the show too. Throughout the musical there are numerous scenes where the audience cracked up following remarks made by Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering.

Some of the costumes in the embassy ball scene did disappoint though. Eedes’ dress was a breath-taking reminder of the one donned by Audrey Hepburn in the film adaptation. However, some of the dresses worn by the other women were a bit of a let-down. One of the actresses wore a trouser type outfit, which is not something that women at that time would have worn.

Despite the slight disappointment in some of the costumes, the performance was thoroughly enjoyable. This is a show the whole family can enjoy, which was evident in the number of children who attended.

Where to catch the show

My Fair Lady is running for a limited season of only 23 performances, with the final performance on 7 August. Ticket prices vary between R150 and R325, and are available via Computicket. No children under the age of five are admitted.

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