New Year gym deals

New Year, new resolutions, the biggest of which for many remains the notion of wanting to lose weight and get into shape. With quite a few gyms memberships on the market, and consumers being bombarded with options, Moneybags journalist, Danielle van Wyk, looked at some of the gym deals on offer this year.

Viva Gym

With six gyms across the country, Viva has established itself with two primary options; a 12 month membership, or alternatively a month-to-month membership.

The price between the two naturally differ with the ‘the 12 month membership being R239 and the month-to-month membership at R269.’

“With the newest edition to the Viva Gym SA team, Viva Gym Oakdene, we are running an opening special of R199 for the month-to-month offering and R169 for the 12 month membership. (Ends 31 January 2016),” says Viva gym.

Consumers should note that the membership joining fee is currently at R250.

In addition, they are running a “Friends with benefits” special that entitles you as a member to a free month, should you bring someone else to join, in the month of January and February.

“There is skip away your joining fee during [January] and [February] as well, which is when you join up you get given a chance to skip, each revolution of the rope is R1 off your joining fee. You can potentially not pay any joining fee,” Viva gym states.


This women-only gym offers all new members R300 off their joining fee, entitling them to a complete curves suite. From personal coaching, circuit training with zumba and access to a personalised meal plan. In addition, there will be no fee increase for the year of 2016, says Curves.

Virgin Active

On offer at one of the country’s biggest gym franchises to usher in the New Year is an entire free month upon joining. This is worth an estimated R780, according to Virgin Active.

Zone Fitness

This growing gym boasts a first workout free deal and you ‘get a 45% discount on your gym membership’ if you are a new or existing Old Mutual Green light policyholder.

Planet Fitness

At Planet Fitness members are treated to a one week free trial or the opportunity to join from R199 per month.

Moneybags top tips

The biggest mistake people make, however, is that of signing up for a year contract upfront, without trying it first. Do not fall into this pit. The key is to allow yourself time to try it out and see if it fits into your lifestyle. During this period, it is also advisable that you do your research and take advantage of all the specials and discounts available.

There are also alternatives to joining a gym that are worth exploring, should you find that you are not able to afford the monthly membership or joining fees. These include taking full advantage of the summer weather and going for a walk or run in the neighbourhood.

It is also vital that you are informed about the gym contract before signing and making your final decision, this should consist of you realistically assessing your financial situation to see if you will be able to afford the gym rates, whether the habit fits into your lifestyle and very importantly should you want to cancel the contract, how to go about doing so.

Many a time, especially around this time of year, gyms are clambering for the attention of resolution-makers and consumers, luring them with all kinds of deals. These may sound good at first but have the potential to be laced with all kinds of hidden fees. It is for this reason that you would do well to ask all the essential questions upfront, so you know exactly what it is you are signing yourself up for.

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