Nu Metro movie discounts with Clicks

Clicks ClubCard members enjoy discounted movie tickets Monday to Friday at Nu Metro cinemas. But is it really a saving? Moneybags journalist Jessica Anne Wood contacted Clicks for more information on the Clicks ClubCard discount.

The Clicks ClubCard

The Clicks ClubCard not only earns you points when you shop at Clicks stores, but also when you shop at their partners. You also enjoy discounts exclusive to Clicks ClubCard members. The ClubCard partners include:

  • Nu Metro
  • SpecSavers
  • Musica
  • NetFlorist, NetGift and NetJewel
  • Sorbet
  • Claire’s
  • Courtyard, City Lodge and Town Lodge hotels
  • Flight Centre
  • GNC
  • Europcar
  • Sanlam Reality

For more information on the Clicks ClubCard partners, click here.

Discounts at the movies

The cost of a standard 2D movie ticket at Nu Metro is currently R65, and 3D movies are R85 per ticket. For Clicks ClubCard members, from Monday to Friday they can enjoy R20 off the cost of their movie tickets, or 15%. This is limited to two tickets per ClubCard member and for adult tickets only. Using the Clicks ClubCard discount, a 2D movie ticket is R45, and 3D is R65.

However, this will not apply on a Wednesday when Nu Metro has its Woza Wednesday special, where the price of 2D and 3D movies are reduced. According to Murishca Martheze, Clicks ClubCard Affinity manager, this is to “drive feet and ticket sales.”

I recently made use of the Woza Wednesday special at the V&A Waterfront Nu Metro cinema, where I watched Mother’s Day for R40 per ticket. That is R5 cheaper than the discount that Clicks ClubCard members enjoy. If you are wanting to go to the movies, but feel it is too expensive, go on a Wednesday when you can get the tickets cheaper.

According to Martheze, many people make use of the discount they enjoy at Nu Metro as a ClubCard member, as they “see it as a value add.” However, the discount does not extend to the snack kiosk, where you have to pay full price for any drink or food you may want to enjoy during the movie.

At present the discount is only offered on 2d and 3D movies. However, Martheze highlighted that they are in discussion to introduce a discount around the new 4DX movies and Nu Metro’s VIP offering.

“The benefit to a ClubCard member is that they can swipe their card at any of our other partners too, the value is not limited to Clicks or Nu Metro,” added Martheze.

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