Overcome the weight-loss motivation plateau

When it comes to losing weight, it’s easy to stay psyched for the first few weeks or even months of training. But how do you keep yourself motivated when you stop seeing results or start losing interest. Do you change your routine or your diet? Fitness gurus Emile Solomons and Heinrich Smith says that when it comes to losing weight and staying fit, the “mental game” is almost as important as the exercise itself. You need to find ways to keep yourself interested and motivated. Here are their top ten tips to staying motivated.


  1. Mix up your exercise routine every couple of weeks. Doing this will help your body avoid becoming conditioned to a specific exercise which could slow down your progress.
  2. Do homework on various recipes for healthy meals. Eating the same food over and over will become monotonous and eventually you will binge on the bad stuff.
  3. If you have been training for a while and have hit the “plateau,” you will have to start doing the variations to the exercises that you have been doing. For example, if you have been swimming lengths in the pool freestyle, change the swimming style, or if you have been doing steady state running, start doing interval training.
  4. As you progress, take photos and keep a diary on how good you feel. Whenever you struggle to stay motivated or need some inspiration, take out the photos and read those notes.
  5. Aim towards looking great and in shape for a specific event. This could be anything from a friend’s wedding, a year end function, a reunion, a birthday etc.
  6. As you progress and start losing weight, don’t throw out all your old, ‘fat’clothes. Every now and then have a look at that big jeans or shirt. Even try them on once in a while. It’s guaranteed to lift your mood.
  7. Keep your long term end goal in mind and in sight. Post it on the fridge, bedroom cupboard etc.
  8. Surround yourself with others that have similar goals or that have improved their lifestyles dramatically through exercise and a healthy diet.
  9. Accept compliments, you have worked hard to get where, so use it as motivation.
  10. Remind yourself about what initiated your weight loss/fitness regime.