Pensioner restaurant specials – the where to go guide

It is not unheard of for restaurants, entertainment facilities and stores to offer discounts to pensioners and children. Moneybags writer Alina Hardcastle, looks at how certain restaurants are showing us why it’s great to be over 60 by offering a pensioner’s special.

Restaurants vary on their offerings. Some give pensioners their own special menu, others offer discounts or buffets at certain times while others offer pensioners a special card which provides them discounts and benefits.

Below we look at where pensioners can find specials, helping them to save money while enjoying a meal out.

Pensioner offers

Set senior’s menus are offered by Doodle’s Beach Front Restaurant in Table View, Cape Town, Nina’s Real Food, Bertha’s restaurant, the Brass Bell and by franchises such as the Spur.

If you are looking for an all you can eat buffet, Billy G at Monte Casino and various Cattle Barrons are the place to go. The buffet specials generally offer a maximum of two servings. Prices can vary from R60-R120.

If you would like to receive a pensioner’s card, then stop by “The Waffle house” and V&A Waterfont.

While franchises might offer the ability to provide a pensioners discount, as each restaurant is individually owned the onus is on the owner to decide whether or not they will offer it. For example Panarottis, Cattle Barron and Ocean Basket are individually owned and each branch has the option of running their own specials. Pensioner’s discounts are not a national offering for most franchises.

What are the requirements to in order for apply for these specials?

Seniors generally need to be 60 years and older. Some restaurants require a pensioner’s card or an ID to be presented whereas others don’t. So, keep some form of identification on you just in case.

Below are some restaurants that offer a separate pensioners menu:

Spur’s Senior Menu

*The Senior Menu offers burger meals, chicken schnitzels and seafood, steaks and ribs, crisp salad and hot vegetables, desserts and a few lighter meals. It does offer a few of Spur’s signature dishes such as The Original Spur Burger, Texan-Fried Chicken Burger, Rib Burger, and Spur’s Famous Spare Ribs.

The prices also appear to be much lower on the senior’s menu but also keep in mind that some portions have been downsized.

Portion sizes may vary, so enquire about portion sizes at your nearest branch.

To view menu, see the link:

Doodles Beach Front Restaurant

Doodle’s restaurant and bar has been operation since 1991 in Table View, Cape Town. They accommodate senior and disabled patrons.

 *Doodle’s Beachfront Restaurant offers a pensioners menu that is available only on Wednesday from 12:00 to 17:00. The meals vary between R49-R69 and starch and vegetables can be a replaced with a side portion of Greek salad for an extra R5.

*The senior menu has eleven different main course options to choose from, seniors have the option of pizza, burgers, grilled line fish, crumbed calamari etc.

To view Pensioners Menu, see the link below:

The Brass Bell

The Brass Bell Pensioner’s Menu offers you an option of three starters (soup, Greek salad or shrimp cocktail); five mains (fish, calamari, a burger, bangers or chicken schnitzel all served with starch) and two desserts, either the cake of the day with a cappuccino or ice cream and chocolate sauce.

*Starters range from R29-R35, mains from R55-R68, and desserts range from R25-R35. If you would like a glass of wine or juice an additional R15 will be added onto your bill.

*This menu is available on Tuesdays from 11:00 to 17:00. To view Pensioners Menu, see the link below:

Nina’s Real Food

Nina’s Real Food in Jeffery’s Bay offers chicken, pasta, Thai, seafood, meat, curry, pizza and burger dishes.

Lunch is offered daily and dinner is only available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Contact details: 042 296 0281

Address: 126 Da Gama Rd, Jeffreys Bay, 6330

Bertha’s restaurant

Bertha’s has become a well-known stopping point in Simon’s Town, both with the locals as well as international travellers. It is situated on the quay in Simons Town.

*Bertha’s pensioner’s menu offers four different mains on their menu; chicken schnitzel, calamari, fish or steak. Prices range from R39- R59 and you have the option of a glass of Two Oceans’ sauvignon Blanc or cabernet merlot for only R19. This menu is offered from Monday-Sunday.

To View pensioners menu, see the link below:

Restaurant’s that offers a Pensioner’s buffet special

Billy G at Monte Casino

Monte Casino’s Billy G restaurant is offering an upmarket family buffet in Johannesburg. It offers a large variety of dishes that accommodates everyone; from hot and cold starters to mains and desserts. They offer chicken, meat, seafood, pasta, vegetarian dishes, curries, and casseroles.

*The standard price for an adult is R195, while pensioners are charged R117.

*Lunch is available from 12:00 to 15:00 and the bar closes at 16:00. Dinner starts at 18:00 and mains are removed at 22:00, dessert at 22:30 and the bar closes at 23:00. Only dinner is served on Monday.

Cattle Baron

Certain Cattle Barons offer a pensioner’s buffet special. Each franchise is individually owned, so not all Cattle Barons run this special. The Cattle Barons that do offer this discount offer it on different days at varied prices. Contact your local Cattle Barron to find out if they offer pensioners special.

*The Cattle Baron Tokai offers the buffet for R59.90 on Wednesdays and R109.90 on Sundays.

*The Cattle Baron Durbanville offers R59.90 buffet from Tuesday to Friday from 12:00-15:00.

*The Cattle Baron Constantia offers two buffet servings for R59.90 on Mondays to Fridays from 12:00-15:00.

Pensioner’s discount

Ocean Basket

All Ocean Basket stores are entitled to offer a 10% discount to pensioners, they are however all privately owned and therefore the owners make the final decision themselves. Certain Ocean Baskets also offer special meals or a drink on the house for pensioners but once again this at the store’s own discretion.

It would be best for seniors to contact the store that they wish to go to in order to find out if these specials are available.

*The Ocean basket at Eden Meadow offers a 10% pensioner’s discount off their meals every day.


The Panarottis restaurants are individually owned and each restaurant may run their own specials. Pensioner’s discounts are not a national offering; however, there are a few of restaurants that do offer this to their local patrons. You will need to enquire to your nearest Panarottis.

Pensioner’s cards

 The Waffle House in Ramsgate KZN “The 60 plus card”

*The Waffle House offers a unique “60+ Card”. Each time seniors visit the Waffle House they will receive a 15% discount off their meals and drinks. You need to be 60 years and over to apply for this card. You will need to present this card in order to qualify for the discount.

To apply for the card, seniors must present a valid ID or a pensioner’s card. The card is only redeemable during normal business hours and is for sit-down only. The discount will only be valid for the cardholder and cannot be used in conjunction with any other Waffle House special.

The V&A Waterfront’s Seniors Campaign

*Malls like the V&A Waterfront offer specials to seniors as well. The V&A highlights the positives of being 60 years and older; and allows seniors to take advantage of the Waterfront’s retail and dining options.

To apply, simply go to the information kiosk with your ID and fill in an application. Once it is processed you receive your card you present it to participating retailers and receive a senior special or discount.

Senior’s also receive free parking between 9:00 and 12:00 on a Monday to Friday. You will receive your parking voucher when you register.

*Seniors will receive 15% discounts on their bill at restaurants such as City Grill Steakhouse; Greek Fisherman, La Playa and Meloncino. These offers are not valid between 25 and 31 December and terms and conditions do apply. Discounts cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other specials. Seniors can also receive a 30% off their bill at San Marco and Tribakery. There is also 20% discount on lunch at Reuben’s restaurant at the One and Only hotel from Mondays to Thursdays.

Tips and tricks

Again, keep in mind that many franchises leave the decision of running a pensioners discount up to the franchisee.

The meal options on the senior/pensioner’s menu tend to be limited compared to a regular adult menu. In addition, after some research we found that some restaurants’ portion sizes are generally smaller or pensioners are offered an adult starter portion (You will need to enquire about the portion size if you have quite a large appetite).

Certain restaurants also only offer their menu on a certain days and between certain times, whereas others offer their specials on a daily basis.

Be a savvy consumer and compare the prices on the pensioner’s special to the regular menu and ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. Some restaurants do tend to cut corners. And while you are getting a discount you may not get same portion size as regular menus.

Keep your pensioner’s card or ID on you (just in case) and enjoy your meal.

*Menus, discounts and specials are deemed correct at time of publication but may vary over time.