Profile: FNB App coupons

Since last year First National Bank’s (FNB) Banking App has been rewarding customers with coupons from the likes of Checkers, Engen and Shoprite, among other stores. Johan Moolman, CEO of eBucks, explained: “The coupons we offer on the FNB Banking App give our customers instant access to in-store savings in the selected retail stores.”

The coupons

According to Moolman, it is easy for FNB customers to redeem the coupons. You simply go to the My Coupons area of the FNB Banking App and select the coupon that you would like to redeem. You then use the coupon code or QR code that you receive and show this at any till point at the checkout. “All the qualifying products in your trolley are discounted immediately and you simply pay with your FNB or eBucks card,” said Moolman.

At the time of writing the FNB coupons offer me:

  1. Checkers: A total saving of R1,560, which includes R5 off Johnson & Johnson baby liquid soap (500ml).
  2. Checkers: R10 off Nivea men exfoliating facial scrub (75ml).
  3. At Engen: R10 off a 1-Stop Wimpy coffee.
  4. Checkers Liquor Shop: A total saving of R30, which includes R5 a Simonsig Brut Rose (750ml)
  5. Shoprite: Total savings of R1,403, which includes R5 off All Gold Tomato Sauce squeeze bottle (500ml).

The frequency of the coupons varies and can be updated weekly or monthly, depending on the stock availability for the specific coupons.

How to get your rewards: These coupons are only available to FNB Banking App users. They can be found by opening the FNB Banking App. In the tool bar at the bottom of the app there is an icon that says ‘My Coupons’. Select this icon and a list of the suppliers appears. When you click on a supplier, the coupons redeemable at that store appear.


For more information on the FNB Banking App and the coupons offering, click here.

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