Ribs & Burgers to launch in SA

Meat lovers brace yourselves, as Ribs & Burgers – the Australian boutique casual-dining restaurant – has announced it will be opening its doors on our doorstep this spring. Alina Hardcastle gets a taste of what’s to come.

Founded in Australia by South African born Bradley Michael, Ribs & Burgers made a name for itself by putting a new spin on ‘trendy, fresh, quick, casual’ dining. Combined with a friendly service, cosy vintage furnishings and warm welcoming atmosphere, the restaurant quickly became the talk of the town and branched out to other countries such as the United States and the UK.

What to expect

Making its way to South African shores, Ribs & Burgers will be spearheaded locally by siblings Savva and Natasha Sideris plus restaurant consultant Nic Marot who will be serving nothing but top notch local ingredients such as South African free-range, grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and other quality foods.

The team feels they have a competitive advantage as a large part of their menu is offering a healthy spin i.e. Banting buns and naked burgers, giving sloppy greasy burger joints a run for their money.

Savva says: “Shifting consumer priorities are forcing restaurants to adapt in a variety of ways, some are rising to the occasion, while others are falling flat. South African consumers are now finally looking at the ingredient list and asking lots of questions about what’s in the food they’re eating.”

He adds: “They [are] also wanting a ‘whole experience’. They want to enjoy their meal in an area they feel they can connect with the brand. The trend is leaving a big impact on the food industry as a whole and opened the perfect space for Ribs & Burgers to occupy as a casual dining destination that caters to both male and female customers, with a healthy slant to it as well.”


In a country where red meat dominates most menus, Ribs & Burgers promises to offer South African diners an Australian feel with a few local twists. Some of the highlights to look forward to include their pork, lamb and beef ribs; along with their burger options such as the original or slider box, and the succulent lamb and tzatziki burger, which will be made upon order and prepared on an open flame. For desserts, the proudly South African branch will be offering their very own recipe of pampoem koekies and will be the first to market and launch their handmade artisan Italian gelato.

When and where?

The first local eatery in South Africa and the 20th Ribs& Burgers store will be opening on the 21 September 2016 at the Menlyn Main Shopping Centre in Pretoria, with hopefully more to follow.