SA online shopping options

With the growing speed of the internet, and more people using smartphones, or even laptops, shopping online is becoming more popular in South Africa.

Moneybags journalist, Ashleigh Brown, looks at what local options South African’s have when it comes to shopping online.

Research has shown that there is a growing appetite for shopping online in South Africa. In other words, e-commerce is growing quickly.

What seems to be driving more e-commerce purchases are lower costs, deals, and flexible delivery and more significantly, safer ways to pay.

“E-commerce penetration in South Africa is still relatively low by global standards”, says Efi Dahan, Regional Director for Africa and Israel at PayPal.

However, Dahan went on to say that the number of online shoppers in South Africa is expected to nearly triple which will make the country a significant e-commerce force in the region.

Below we look at eight online shopping options, what they normally sell, and if you have to pay for delivery or not.


Takealot is an online store where you can pretty much get anything. The store has a large range of options, from cellphones, to gardening, books, and DVD’s, to health and beauty products.

They also offer text books for UNISA students.

Items: 19 different sections, ranging from technology, to beauty, home décor, travel, and reading.

Delivery: Orders more than R250 are free. For more information, click here.


Kalahari has a wide range of options for online shoppers. From baby toys, and books, to sports, and an Afrikaans book section, there is a lot of choice available.

Items: 17 different sections, ranging from technology, photos, to baby toys, and outdoor equipment.

Delivery: Orders over R250 are free. For more information, click the ‘free delivery’ icon on the home page.


If fashion is what you want, then Zando is a good place to start. According to their website, “Zando offers you the most comprehensive international and local fashion brands for sale online in South Africa.”

Items: Fashion clothes, accessories, shoes, home décor, and beauty products.

Delivery: Free delivery for orders over R250, and only in South Africa. For more information, click here.


Orange is an online mobile store, which has everything tech related. The store also offers SIM card options for international travel.

Here you can find some good deals when it comes to cellphones, and other tech gadgets.

Items: Cellphones, tablets, computers, electronic gadgets, and SIM cards for travel.

Delivery: Orders over R1000 are for free, but they have a table of prices depending on the weight of the item, click here.


Spree is another fashion and accessories online store. They have also just announced, that as from today (1 April 2015), you will be able to shop in 3D secure.

3D secure is a new method of security mandated by the Visa and MasterCard Associations and managed by South African banks to enhance security of online transactions. This means that there will be an extra level of security when shopping online.

Items: Fashion clothes, accessories, and shoes, and décor for home, and beauty products.

Delivery: Spree says that deliveries are free within South Africa. For more information, click here.


Loot also hosts a range of options when it comes to online shopping. You can find things for your office, kitchen appliances, and various different games.

Items: 13 different sections, ranging from computer games, electronics, to beauty and home décor.

Delivery: Free delivery for orders over R250, and in South Africa only. For more information, click here.


WantItAll says on their website, that they are home to “14 million products, imported from the USA.”

They also boast a large range of items, like Takealot, and Kalahari. As well as offering a host of musical instruments, and everything to do with photography.

Items: Baby toys, personal health, photography, and a lot more.

Delivery: Free delivery, if you have three items or more. For more information, click here.


Picodi is a newly launched site, which highlights coupons and deals which can be used on other online sites.

Here you can find deals, and coupons for sites such as Zando, BidorBuy, Yuppiechef, Makro, and some more.

Problems with online shopping

Online shopping is not without its own problems. The main problem, which is expected, is that of safety.

A recent study conducted in South Africa by Ipsos, a global market research company, on behalf of PayPal and FNB showed that 67% of non-online shoppers indicate that online security of payments is a reason for not shopping online.

Of that 58% of those who have not shopped online say that they are concerned that they will not get the items they have bought online.

When it comes to shopping online, you card safety should always be taken into account, from both unsafe sites, and yourself. Make sure that you have budgeted for whatever you want to buy, and don’t end up going on an online shopping spree.

Online is more convenient, and can be fun to get what you want, without much hassle.

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