Should you invest in expensive crockery?

Crockery can many times cost you an arm and a leg. But is it always worth the cost? And are there cheaper alternatives? Chef Dion Vengatass, from Mount Nelson Hotel, gives us some insight into when you should and shouldn’t invest in expensive crockery.

According to Vengatass it’s always good to have a really good set of crockery around for those stylish dinner parties. But that’s usually the set that stays in the archives locked away in a cupboard that no one has access to.

“Now that’s not your everyday crockery. You everyday crockery  should be a cheap set that costs you next to nothing, especially if you have kids,” says Vengatass.

But there are really good, decent crockery sets to choose from that look great and are also affordable.

Mr Price Home has a huge variety to choose from. Vengatass says you could pick up a 12-piece set for under R400.

“At the end of the day we all have different budgets and you need to be realistic with yours. If you feel you can afford a lavish lifestyle, then go for the china. If you can’t, then opt for the second sets,” says Vengatass.

Auctions are really great you can pick up great quality crockery for extremely cheap prices. Vengatass says these are usually sold off when a restaurant’s assets get repossessed.

You can sometimes find real gold minds there just keep your eye out for them.