Should you splash out on IMAX tickets?

Everest is being released in Ster-Kinekor cinemas tomorrow, and Moneybags journalist Jessica Anne Wood got an early preview at IMAX.

Not only was this an early viewing of the film, but it was also my first IMAX experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the film and the experience, leaving the cinema feeling the loss of the people and families who won and lost their fight to survive the elements on Mount Everest in their determination to achieve their goal of reaching the summit.

An adventure that ends in tragedy

Everest is based on the story of the 1996 Mount Everest summit by expedition guiding companies Adventure Consultants and Mountain Madness, which ended in disaster when a storm hit the region and several of the climbers, including several of the guides, could not get to safety in time and lost their lives on the mountain.

I believe that the film is a good portrayal of the determination that people need in order to accomplish their goals. The movie was well thought out and realistic in its portrayal of the devastating 1996 Everest summit which resulted in the death of five people from the Mountain Madness and Adventure Consultants.

*Spoiler alert: However, despite the sadness of witnessing the struggle that these people went through (and finally lost) to survive, the film also made you realise what determination can achieve. One of the climbers, who was thought to be dead, and whose family had been informed that he was lost on the mountain, managed to make his way to one of the camps, despite severe frostbite and having been exposed to the elements for an extended time. He survived the descent, and made it home to his family in Texas, USA.

The film illustrates that no matter how experienced you are, or how many times you have summited the mountain, nature cannot be tamed and you have to be prepared to overcome the challenges in your way to reach your goals.

This is a movie that I would definitely recommend people go and see. It opens on Friday at Ster-Kinekor theatres across the country. While IMAX is an ideal way to view this movie, if you want to save money you can also see it at other cinemas. The ticket prices are as follows:


Type of cinema/ticket Cost for one ticket*
Cine Prestige (3D) R 85
IMAX (3D) R 110
Standard (3D) R 85
Standard R 66


Source: Ster-Kinekor

*Prices accurate as of 16 September 2015


IMAX versus a normal cinema

I have seen 3D movies at the cinema before, however, I must admit that the IMAX 3D film was much more realistic that my previous 3D experiences. It almost felt like I was immersed in the film and experiencing the struggles with the cast.

Not only is the movie experience so much more involved, especially when viewing the film in 3D, but, as with Cine Prestige, you get slightly larger, more comfortable seats than in a standard movie theatre. Though not as comfortable as the seats in Cine Prestige.

However, while the IMAX experience was enjoyable and provided a more immersive experience than a normal theatre, the tickets cost considerably more than a standard movie ticket. I would be selective in choosing which films I see in IMAX, especially if you enjoy going to the movies often, as it will start to add up after a while.

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