Simply Asia’s “wokking” long wait

Alina Hardcastle lunches at Bree Street’s Simply Asia but finds the restaurant cannot always keep pace with the demand following the introduction of its Wokking Winter special.

I fantasise about Simply Asia often. I think about the rich aroma of spices as I lift the deliciously golden noodles with my chopsticks. I can’t help but think about the flavorsome cashews dappled between the warm biting mix of chili flavored winter warming peppers and spring onions with just the right kick of garlic. Unfortunately, the service doesn’t always live up to the fantasy.

Simply Asia on Bree Street in the CBD (and nationwide), are offering their “Wokking winter special” where customers can order their favourite chicken noodle dish from their 500 range on the menu, or a vegetarian noodle dish (403) every Monday to Wednesday, until the 27 July 2016, and get a second dish free. This applies to both take-away and sit down meals.

The location in Bree Street lends itself to foot traffic, majority of whom are the CBD workforce, as it is convenient and central which makes the lunch special all the more appealing.

On arrival, the waitress informed us that our meal would take no less than forty minutes. A little bit dissuaded by the wait but not deterred we decided to sit-in and have refreshments, while we waited. We ordered two portions of 514 and a starter portion of spring rolls. What was supposed to take approximately 40 minutes, took an entire hour and five minutes, minus seating and ordering time.

The “convenient” meal itself wasn’t below average, but hardly the great escape I was hoping for. I ordered an extra portion of spring rolls (which is not included in the special), but these were undercooked and frozen in the center. Meanwhile, the special itself was satisfying although not worthy of the one hour and five minute wait.

The franchise in the past has been perceived as a fast food restaurant, which generally suggests that the food itself is quick and easy, and not overly gourmet, but an hour long wait can only produce average food quality as a result of below average management or resources.

On average the restaurant seats about 30 people. There were about three waitresses on duty that day, so delivery orders shouldn’t been a problem, as only four tables were occupied. It can then only be assumed that the kitchen was understaffed.

If you have the same experience perhaps some constructive feedback is all it will take to improve the service and the efficiency of what appears to be a popular deal.

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