Special movie nights and dinner discounts

If you keep your ear to the ground, you will find many discounts available for leisure activities. From restaurant deals to movie bargains – if you do some research and keep your eyes open, you can enjoy activities at a fraction of the usual prices.

If you’re looking for budget entertainment ideas, there are websites that focus solely on offering special deals and promotions to consumers, like Groupon, Wikideals, Daddy’s Deals, Ubuntu, City Slicker, Zando and Style36. These are great places to find money-saving offers for various types of entertainment, including the silver screen and restaurants. Some also offer discounts on clothes so that you can look good on your special day out.

Going online for your leisure buys is a very good idea because it can save you time. These days reward programmes like Ucount from Standard Bank and FNB’s eBucks programme encourage you to spend online. American Express also offers similar benefits.

One of the best bargain entertainment tips is to make use of rewards cards whenever possible. These days many medical aids, banks, retail outlets and other institutions offer value-added packages, such as the Vitality programme offered by Discovery Health, Edgars’ cash card and Clicks’ loyalty card.

Besides discounts at the business in question, these companies often partner with other entities to offer you bargains. For instance, you can earn points on your Clicks card – which translate into cash savings – when visiting the Sorbet beauty salon chain. The Clicks card also entitles you to cheaper tickets at Nu Metro cinemas.

Movie price cuts on certain days, certain times or even with no restrictions is a common feature of these value-added loyalty programmes. Cinema chain Ster-Kinekor has its own club, which gives you a free ticket on your birthday, among other things.

When it comes to dining out, many popular restaurant chains – as well as standalone eateries – are now also offering loyalty programmes. These not only entitle you to discounts based on your patronage, but also exclusive bargain offers.

Spur has an on-going special where you get two burgers for the price of one on Monday nights. They also offer a card that you can swipe every time you eat there, which earns you points that count toward a cut-price meal. Some eateries partner with cinemas to offer you a discounted dinner-and-movie deal, like the Joe’s Easy Diner restaurants.

Speciality food markets and delis that offer hot meals often slash their prices dramatically at a certain time of day – late in the afternoon or early in the evening – so their dishes won’t go to waste. One example of this is the Food Lover’s Market, which drops the amount-per-weight of cooked meals from 15:00.

It is well worth the effort of filling in the paperwork to join these programmes at institutions you frequent or even signing up at places with great loyalty benefits. And if you do a bit of research and keep your eyes and ears open, there are plenty of bargain movie and restaurant deals available. A little effort and ingenuity can save you a lot of money.