Spur's 20% off deal

Spur is offering 20% off its Legendary steaks on a Thursday. Moneybags looks at how much you will actually save from paying 20% off.

“The promotion has only been running for two months now, but is gaining good traction at store level,” said Spur.

Spur said that the reason for introducing the deals was because there was a need to replace the Bottomless Ribs deal which was no longer feasible due to unavoidable raw material price increases.

“It was decided to introduce our customers to good quality, tasty steaks that Spur Steak Ranches have always been known for, but have not highlighted as weekday pillars in recent years,” said Spur.

However, Spur said that without a doubt, their most popular special was still the two-for-one burger deal on a Monday.

Spur says that all their steaks are carefully aged and then chargrilled with their unique Spur Basting. They are served with Spur-style crispy onion rings and chips, or a baked potato, or Spur-style rice.

The Legendary steaks consists of:

  • The Sirloin on the bone – R119.90
  • Spur Fillet – R129.90
  • Cheddamelt Steak – R104.90
  • Chargrilled Rump – R95.90
  • New York Sirloin – R95-90
  • Lazy Aged Steak – R154.90
  • Spur T-Bone Steak – R114.90

The promotion is also available for take-away if you don’t feel like sitting in the restaurant.

The 20% price

  • The Sirloin on the bone – R95.92
  • Spur Fillet – R103.92
  • Cheddamelt Steak – R83.92
  • Chargrilled Rump – R76.72
  • New York Sirloin – R76.72
  • Lazy Aged Steak – R123.92
  • Spur T-Bone Steak – R91.92

Comprehensive table

Legendary Steak Normal Price 20% discount price
The Sirloin on the bone R119.90 R95.92
Spur Fillet R129.90 R103.92
Cheddamelt Steak R104.90 R83.92
Chargrilled Rump R95.90 R76.72
New York Sirloin R95-90 R76.72
Lazy Aged Steak R154.90 R123.92
Spur T-Bone Steak R114.90 R91.92

Source: Spur Steak Ranches, correct as of 3 July 2015.

To see the deal, click here.