Stay fit and healthy this festive season

The holiday season is always one of the hardest periods to negotiate what to eat and what to avoid, mainly due to the temptation of unhealthy food. But N2 Fitness gurus, Heinrich Smith and Emile Solomons, say it is important to make sure you don’t fall too far off the wagon by neglecting your healthy routine all together.

“Even though you probably won’t see the inside of your gym during the holiday season, this doesn’t mean you can’t go for a regular run or swim,” says Solomons. He adds that there are other forms of resistance exercises you can also do while you are away on holiday. A few examples are:

–        squats

–        push ups

–        pull ups (you can do this on a tree, wall or door)

–        abs / core excerices (crunches, plank bicycles)

–        tricep dips on a chair

–        burpees

–        lunges


Smith says the temptation of food  is  the most challenging part of keeping disciplined during the holidays.

“As with the exercise, be sure not too fall too far off the wagon. One of the highlights of the festive season is indulging in delicious foods. But be sure to choose the better of the unhealthy options,” says Smith .

At a braai, if you are going to eat a toastie, avoid the potato salad. When it comes to mealtimes, Smith says you should use the “hand method” to control your portion sizes:

Protein – the size and thickness of your palm.

Carbohydrates –  no more than the size of your clenched fist.

Fats – the size of the tip of your thumb.


Some healthier foods you can indulge in this Christmas:

–        Frozen yoghurt

–        Pineapple and grapes

–        Chicken viennas

–        Low fat sweetened yoghurt

–        Dried fruits

–        Dark chocolate

–        Nachos (but careful with the cheese)


“Its been a long year and we’re sure many of you deserve a holiday. As with everything else, your holidays will also come to an end. And there is no better feeling than going into a new year feeling refreshed, energized and relaxed without too many extra kilograms to work off in 2014,” says Smith.


N2 Fitness’ tips:

–        Be sure to do any form of exercise daily.

–        Don’t fall too far off the wagon when it comes to your eating habits this holiday.




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