Staying fit indoors

Autumn is here and we can no longer enjoy keeping fit outdoors. But this is no excuse to stay at home and pile on the weight. N2 Fitness experts, Heinrich Smith and Emile Solomons, give us their top ten ways to stay fit inside.

  1. Get some weights and gym at home. Investing in some health equipment and gymning at home saves time, money and you could be the motivation your family might need to get moving. Two sets of dumbbells are enough to break a decent sweat and work off some calories. You do not need big, heavy weights to exercise. Concentrate on keeping the repetitions high while using a good technique. You’ll be amazed at how it can improve your physique.
  2. Following workout Dvds are great as it is cost effective. Also, more than one person exercise at a time and when your fitness level catches up or you get bored of the video, you can trade your Dvds with one of your colleagues or friends for theirs. There is a wide variety to choose from. They range from yoga to high intensity interval training (HIIT). So the “there’s nothing that suits my fitness level” excuse no longer flies.
  3. If outdoor cycling is your thing, get rid of the helmet and reflectors and enjoy some good music while following the instructions with other participants in a calorie burning spinning class.
  4. Mix up your cardio by doing an aerobics class. It’s fun, gets you moving, burns fat and if you think you don’t have rhythm, the others in the class won’t care.
  5. Take it out on your punching bag. After 30 minutes, you’ll have burnt a great amount of calories, toned up your arms and you’ll feel much better as the endorphins take over.
  6. There’s no school like old school. If you think star jumps, push ups and skipping are from old-school training, you are correct. But they are still really effective and require minimal equipment. Add a few crunches, planks and squats and you have a well-rounded workout. Great for when space is limited.
  7. Whether its summer or winter, your gym’s indoor heated swimming pool is great to work your body holistically at low impact.
  8. Soccer, netball and cricket were once known as typical outdoor sports – not anymore. There are many indoor soccer, netball and cricket leagues around, from social to semi-professional. So if netball was your sport back in the day, ask around to join a club.
  9. Suspension training is one of the most versatile bits of exercise equipment one could buy. By changing the anchor position, you can work your legs, chest, arms, core and abs. Great for travelling and when space is problem.
  10. Hobbies can become exercises too. If “exercise” isn’t your thing, rock climbing, salsa classes or doing martial arts are perfect substitutes.