Stockbox to offer convenience shopping

Online shopping is gaining momentum in South Africa, with both the wide variety of products available, as well as all the convenience of having your items delivered to you. Stockbox, a new online store, is taking that convenience to a new level.

The store offers the essential home products, which can be delivered to you on a subscription bases. This means that you can manage how many items you want delivered, and how often.

“And when I say subscription, you are not contracted to buy anything, it is just a subscription around the products you use regularly,” says Stefano Sessa, the founder of Stockbox.

Sessa went on to explain that the idea came about because everyone runs out of products from time, to time.

“So we saw a gap to stop that from happening” says Sessa.

The subscription

You do not pay to subscribe to Stockbox, rather only for the items you want delivered.

“It doesn’t have to be monthly [the subscription]. You can set your own cycle per product. So, for instance, you can set that you want to have dishwashing liquid to arrive to your house every month, but you would like OMO auto-washing powder to arrive every two months. So you can create a dynamic delivery cycle for a set of products,” explains Sessa.

When it comes to how many products you can buy at a time, Sessa says that you can buy as many as you want.

Cut-off dates on deliveries

Sessa explained that at the moment, Stockbox has a specific cut-off date on deliveries, but that that will be changing quite soon.

“At this point on the 19th of the month, we have the cut-off, and then we deliver a few days later. However, because we are launching certain other products, like the baby vertical soon, we actually are going to set a start date on a per product basis,” said Sessa.

Therefore, you can start building your pack of when you would like items to be delivered. For example, you can say that you need dog food every two weeks, but you only want it a week from now.

“So, it will become quite dynamic,” said Seesa.

If you have an order over R200, then delivery is free. However, Seesa explained that anything below that will have a R50 delivery charge.

Therefore, it will most likely work out better to buy your household items in bulk, rather than just ordering one, or two items at a time.

Better prices?

“As soon as you go to wholesale you get wholesale prices, because you are buying in bulk. We try and keep them as cheap as possible, while still covering costs. But, the reason why we can offer cheaper prices is the same as any other retailer: we buy in bulk,” said Seesa.

Though, that does not seem to be the case for every product.

Moneybags went to compare Stockbox prices with Pick n Pay online store prices in a bid to find out who offered the cheapest on everyday household items. Three random items were chosen.


Stockbox and Pick n Pay seem to be on even footing when it comes to prices. Though, the difference might come in with deliveries.Source:

Pick n Pay also has delivery charges, but they have delivery slots for every day. However, each delivery slot, and depending on how full your basket is, the delivery prices will change.

“There is a lot of work involved in getting your order delivered to you. The time it takes, the technology involved, your Personal Shopper and the team we use to make it all possible means we have to charge a reasonable fee for this convenient service,” said Pick n Pay on their website.

Moneybags thoughts

At the end of the day, it all depends on how soon you want your items, and if you are willing to pay for fluctuating delivery costs or not.

Stockbox offers a wide range of household items, and getting to the R200 mark for a free delivery is not that difficult, if you are buying in bulk.

Make sure that you weigh up all the factors before ordering what you need. Though, either way, online is a lot more convenient than trying to run around the store after work to get everything.