Submit your tax return to avoid harsh penalties

If you submit your tax return (ITR12) after the deadline today (22 November 2013) you could be liable for an administrative penalty for non-compliance warns Angelique Ruzicka.

Penalties for submitting your tax return after today’s due date can range from R250 up to R16 000 per month for each month that your return is outstanding. If you don’t pay the penalty SARS can lawfully deduct the penalty from your salary or bank account.

Non-provisional taxpayers have until midnight tonight to submit their tax returns via e-Filing or have until 4pm at South African Revenue Service (SARS) branches to submit their documentation. Deputy spokesperson for SARS, Marika Muller, has called for taxpayers to be patient. “We encourage people who are submitting their returns today to be patient as we are dealing with large volumes. Yesterday we had over 112,000 submissions,” she said.

Help is at hand

If you need help with your with your eFiling you can access the Help-You-eFile, a free service available to all eFilers. Simply click on the Help-You-eFile icon on your eFiling login page or at any point during your eFiling session to be connected to a SARS agent who will help you to complete your form. You can also contact SARS telephonically. “Contact centres will be open till 5pm but depending on call volumes we may keep the lines open for longer,” said Muller.

If you have any queries about your tax return there is still some time to get the facts straight but you may have to wait in the queue to get the assistance you need. Contact SARS telephonically on 0800 00 7277 or find the nearest branch. Alternatively download SARS’ helpful guide, to assist you complete your ITR12.

Be careful of scamsters!

Don’t let a stranger or company offer to do your tax return for you as there are plenty of scams out there. For peace of mind simply complete your ITR12 yourself or to get a professional to do it for you. To find out more about the most common scams and phishing attacks, click here.