Ten top exercises to do with your kids

Training at gym can be a useful, but sometimes boring and lonely. A common problem is finding the time to exercise. Family responsibilities often conflict with finding times to exercise. But N2 Fitness gurus, Emile Solomons and Heinrich Smith argue that you shouldn’t need to choose between family obligations and the need to exercise. Combining them would be a better idea and would also cut the loneliness out.

“Exercising will be more fun if you include your kids. It benefits the entire family because experts say that active parents have active kids. There are also exercises you can do that won’t cost you anything,” says Solomons.

But what exercises are kid friendly? Here N2 Fitness give you 10 top exercises you can do that can involve the whole family:



Go for regular family walks, in the neighborhood or on nearby trails. “It’s a great way to be outdoors and to get some fresh air. Make sure it is a brisk walk and have plenty of water with you,” says Smith.

2. Family bike ride

This can be done daily or as often as you can. Solomons says there are plenty of advantages to this form of exercise. “Biking is great for endurance, core strength and balance. It is a low / no impact activity and puts no extra stress on your weight bearing joints.”

3.Outdoor games

Go out in the garden or a public park and kick a ball or play with a Frisbee. It’s good for cardio and you will have fun with your kids while exercising.


A skipping rope is an inexpensive piece of equipment but really good for cardio and hand–eye co-ordination.


5. Kite flying

Don’t keep the children indoors on a windy day. Rather take them out to a field and let them run around with kites to get them airborne.

6. Dance it out

Use your kids’ music or your own and just move. “It’s a very easy and very effective way to get some exercise with your kids. You could even play an aerobic dance DVD to follow,” says Smith.

7. Use TV commercials as a exercise break

On bad weather days this is one of your best ways of doing some exercise with your kids. During TV commercials do little challenges by seeing who can do the most push-ups, sit ups, squats, jumping jacks or any exercise you like.

8. Walk the dog

Make it a daily activity to take the dog for a good brisk walk.

9. Play a team sport

Do a team sport as a family. Decide on a sport that you all love and try to do it as often as you can for example tennis, volleyball, golf etc.

10. Pre or post dinner walks

This activity must become part of your lifestyle and is very easy to do.  Doing a 10-15 walk every day will be good for your health and is a great way of getting some fresh air.

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