The best exercises for weight loss

Getting back in shape after all the festivities and celebrations would be on top of many priority lists. N2 Fitness trainers, Heinrich Smith and Emile Solomons, say that the best exercises to do with regards to weight loss, shaping and toning are compound exercises and interval training.

Compound exercises are exercises that use more than one joint which means you use more than one muscle group, which in turn means you will burn more calories. The more muscles you use in a movement, the higher your heart rate would be as your body is forced to cope with the oxygen demand.

Examples of compound exercises are:

–          Squats (legs)

–          Lunges (legs)

–          Push ups (chest, triceps, shoulders)

–          Pulls ups (biceps, back, chest)

–          Dead lifts – technique is crucial as it is an intermediate/advanced exercise (back, legs)

Cardiovascular exercise is great as it improves your fitness and stamina. Doing it in intervals (working hard for one minute, then slowing down for one minute and 30 seconds, etc) is great as it increases the intensity, which means you could spend less time doing a certain exercise in comparison to working at a lower intensity. It also improves your anaerobic fitness, which increases your creatine phosphate (what your body needs to replenish ATP) and  helps increases your resistance to fatigue.

Examples of exercises that you could do interval training with are:

–          Power walking  (impact)

–          Cycling (low/no impact)

–          Rowing machine (low/ no impact)

–          Elliptical (low/impact)

–          Running (impact)

–          Skipping (impact)

–          Swimming