The best steak houses in town

While reviewing the results of two prestigious annual steak house awards, two questions came to mind – how much can I expect to pay for a fabulous steak, and, what wine best complements the steak on my plate?

Eat Out Awards:
If you want to know who makes the best steaks its best to keep an eye out for the results of restaurant review magazine Eat Out’s two annual award ceremonies – the ‘Eat Out Restaurant Awards Ceremony’ and the ‘Eat Out Produce Awards Ceremony’.

There are a number of categories under which restaurants compete including ‘Wine Service’, ‘Best Asian Restaurant’, ‘Best Country-Style Restaurant’ and ‘Service Excellence’.

Restaurant Carne SA won the ‘Jacobsdal Best Steakhouse’ award in 2013. Situated in the heart of Cape Town, chef-patron Giorgio Nava’s restaurant is said to be in a league of its own.

Wolftrap Steakhouse Championships:
This year over 100 steakhouses competed in the ‘Wolftrap Steakhouse Championships’. Initially, votes by the public narrowed the field of juicy competitors down to 20 and eventually five exquisite steak houses.

Judges visited the top five steak houses on numerous occasions, sinking their teeth into prime steak while taking notes. Winner of the 2011 ‘Eat Out Restaurant Awards’, The Local Grill in Parktown North, was crowned ‘Wolftrap Steakhouse Champion’ of 2014. The Local Grill had also won Wolftrap’s top award in 2013.

Steven Maresch owner of The Local Grill, was ecstatic to receive the accolade once again: “It’s given us a boost… we’ve seen a rise in foot count by 30% over the last six years in tough economic times.”

The good news for Capetonians is that The Local Grill opened up a restaurant in the Mother City in Woodstock. Reviews of the restaurant are sublime. Runners’ up of the Wolftrap awards included The Godfather in Centurion, Fahrenheit in Edenvale, HQ in Cape Town and Theo’s in Mouille Point.

How much do the award-winning steaks cost?
We have compiled a price list of the top steakhouses in the country, comparing steak prices as well as a selection of fine wines to complement the meal.

If you are on a budget ask the restaurants if they offer smaller portions. The Local Grill, for example, offers a ‘graze’ menu for frugal diners. A 200g sirloin or rump starts at R95 while a 200g fillet costs R200, a 500g Rib-eye costs R156 and a 500g T-bone will set you back R166.




















If it is your birthday and you decide to celebrate at The Local Grill, remember to ask for your complimentary bottle of Wolftrap which would normally cost you R99 at the restaurant.

A final word:
Usually steak dinners (especially the award winning kind) aren’t cheap. If you are going to spend your hard earned cash at a steak house, make sure you choose one that knows how to prepare your meal to perfection and, if you are feeling really flush, one that can recommend the perfect bottle of wine to compliment it.

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