The price of male grooming


The price of men’s razors and refills on blades is quite expensive. A razor and two blades could cost you up to R150 and for the refill packs of four, you could pay another R150.  Sean Binedell visited a range of stores to find the best priced grooming products on a budget that also ensures a good quality shave. He came back clean-shaven, with a few grooming products to consider.

Although the below electric charges can set you back a couple of hundred rand the benefit is that you will only have to pay that and then don’t have to bother with refills which will set you back R150 say every three weeks. So consider going electric and canning those hand held razors that rust too easily:


Wahl Groomsman Recharge Trimmer R329

Philips Power Touch R549


Philips Core Touch Electric Shaver R599

Take-a lot

Braun Series Ceemea Silver shaver R500

Remington F3800 Dual X Shaver R375

Remington Dual Track Rotary Shaver R91 – R241

Philips Aqua-touch Wet & Dry Electric Shaver – R575


The idea of a good shave is to ensure the least amount of irritation to your skin, meaning the less you have to bring a blade or shaver across your face, the better the shave. You should always consider this before purchasing a shaver as a cheap model might set you back less, but your face will not thank you later.

The best priced shaver on the market is the Remington Dual Track Rotary Shaver from The price is due to the gadget only providing two independent shaving heads, compared to the Phillips’ makes that provide three heads for a quicker and better shave. The price of battery powered shavers are a little less than the recharge gadgets, however the cost of continually purchasing batteries makes the rechargeable option worth the extra money.

Hiring a pro

If you are not a fan of shaving yourself, try a barber and treat yourself to a shave and haircut for a reasonable price. We looked at three reasonably priced male grooming outlets in three major cities in South Africa:


Men’s Grooming and Spa

Cleanse Shave Revitalize (All haircuts include a wash and a head and neck massage)
Clipper cut R110
Blade Shave R140
Powder Shave R125
Scissor Haircut   R150

Cape Town


Blokes Hair

Prestwich St, Cape Town 0800
Tel: 071 402 4664
Haircut – R170
Head shave – R130
Wet shave – R130



Crew Rivonia

Shop 11, Rivonia Village, Rivonia Boulevard
Tel: 011 234 4554
Crew clipper cut R115.00
Clean up neck hair line: 10 Min  R60.00
Beard trimR60.00
Traditional shaveR175.00
Head shaveR180.00
Threading – Any facial area eachR80.00