The pros and cons of the Spur Family Card

There are a number of stores and restaurants that now offer customers loyalty cards where you receive points for what you spend, and these are then converted to a cashback reward or voucher for use in the store or restaurant. This week Moneybags journalist Jessica Anne Wood looks at the pros and cons of the Spur Family Card and if it is really worth it to have one.

According to Ronel Van Dijk, chief financial officer at Spur Group, “the Spur Family Card programme is a simple and meaningful value adding program of giving back to loyal Spur customers.”

Van Dijk notes: “We launched the programme in October 2010. We have 2.3 million registered members and 1.9 million active members (those who have swiped their cards in the last 12 months).”

There are two options available to people wanting to have a Spur Family Card. There is the physical card that you can carry around with you, or there is the eFamily Card, where you do not need a card, but rather request a six digit code when you want to ‘swipe’ your card after a meal.

How do the rewards work?

Van Dijk explains that the points are calculated at five percent of your bill, excluding VAT and tip. One point equates to R0.01, and for every 5 000 points that you receive, a R50 voucher is loaded onto your card.

“Once you have spent R1 000 (excluding VAT and tip), which equates to 5 000 points, a R50 voucher is loaded onto your Family Card. Points can only be redeemed once it is converted to a R50 voucher. This voucher can only be redeemed in full, not in part. In order to redeem the R50 voucher the bill must equal or exceed the voucher value. No change may be given,” reveals Van Dijk.

The pros

According to the Spur website, there are a number of benefits to having a Spur Family Card. These include:

  • When you swipe your card you earn points “towards Spur-sized rewards.”
  • Get five percent of the value of your bill back in points when you swipe your loyalty card.
  • For every R1 000 you spend, excluding VAT and service charges, you receive a R50 Spur meal voucher.
  • The card and accompanying online profile that goes with it allows you to monitor your point balance.
  • You have the ability to check your voucher status.
  • You can view your Family Card statement online.
  • You are able to update your details via your online profile.
  • You can apply for an eFamily Card on the website, and save yourself the hassle of having to carry around a card.

For families who eat at Spur regularly, especially those with small children who may hold birthday parties in one of the restaurants, having a family card may be valuable, as you get some kind of reward for eating there so often and for (possibly) spending large amounts of money.

The cons

However, for people who eat at Spur on the rare occasion, a Spur Family Card may just not be worth having.

Receiving five percent of the value of your bill in points is not much. A couple enjoying a meal at Spur, if they both order, for example, a burger and Coke combo at R74.90, will pay R149.80 (excluding tip). If they earn five percent of this back as points, that is only R7.49 in points.

As explained above, to receive a R50 voucher for Spur as part of the loyalty programme, you need to spend R1 000, which equates to a R50 voucher. That is a lot of money to spend to receive such a small token of thanks for your loyalty.

The Spur Family Reward Programme does not appear to be value for money in terms of the rewards that you get for spending money at the restaurants. For every R1 that you spend you get 0.05 points from Spur, according to the calculation of five percent of the value.

However, while the loyalty programme does not seem to offer much incentive to eat at Spur, the restaurants do provide a family friendly atmosphere, accommodating both adults and children’s needs. There are a number of activities to entertain the kids from jungle gyms, arcade games to colouring in activities, while providing adults with a wide selection of meal choices and an environment where their kids can play.

And if you are celebrating your child’s birthday, there are combo meal specials to suit your budget. The Spur’s website even has a meal calculator that can help you stick to your budget if you are planning to have a birthday party at the restaurant.