This month I tried electro shock exercise

My girlfriend has been talking for months about this new gym routine she has gotten involved in, whereby you strap a jacket to your body and continue to shock yourself until your muscles get tired, writes Sean Binedell of Moneybags (pictured right).

Clearly I am over simplifying this, but the idea of shocking your muscles for 20 minutes, once a week, did not seem like a great way to go about building core strength and leading a healthier life.

But I stand to be corrected

Kristel Reiss, personal trainer at One20fitness was kind enough to let me experience this relatively new method of exercise in order to form my own opinions.

You start off by signing an indemnity form (something that is common place these days). After I had done this, Reiss began to wet and wrap multiple straps around my calves, biceps, and my lower and upper back.

Once this was complete, she proceeded to strap a jacket to my upper body. When everything is in place, the suit is connected to the machine courtesy of the multitude of electrodes.

Now the fun begins

For the next 20 minutes I was gradually shocked across a multitude of muscle groups while performing all manner of movement ranging from squats to leg raises to bicep curls to arm rotations, designed to work my entire body.

The important thing to remember is that you have to flex your muscles in time with the electro shock while doing all these movements.  It’s challenging for a first-timer, but it becomes easier as the session goes on. In no time I was sweating profusely and tiring. My muscles where definitely getting a solid workout.

I highly recommend you trying this method of exercise at least once. Multiple case studies have lauded EMS trainings ability to help with back problems, core strength and muscle mass.

To read a case study on this method of exercise, click here.

For more information on One20fitness visit their website or contact Lucy on 071 972 0628


Pricing & membership:

Trial R150 (free if you become a member)


10 Week Package:

10 sessions (1 session per week) = R3000

20 sessions (2 sessions per week) = R5500


Monthly Contract (minimum 3 Months):

1 session per week (min 13 sessions) = R1257 per month (R290 per session)

2 sessions per week (min 26 sessions) = R2385 per month (R275 per session)


Monthly Contract (minimum 6 Months):

1 session per week (min 26 sessions) = R1148 per month (R265 per session)

2 sessions per week (min 52 sessions) = R2167 per month (R250 per session)


Purchase your own training clothes & memory chip card: R600 once off fee