This month I tried…pregnancy massage

When you’re pregnant you suddenly find yourself in a position where you can’t do the things that you used to do. Drinking alcohol, heavy lifting, eating whatever you like, trying a new form of exercise, taking a hot bath or sauna, changing the cat’s litter or having a general massage are all no-nos.

Yes, the special things that can help you to relax such as having a nice day out at the spa could affect your pregnancy. Experts say that if you absolutely have to indulge in some type of pampering experience that you do so with the help of a certified pregnancy massage practitioner.

Thankfully there are therapists and spas that specialise in pregnancy massages here in Cape Town and The Sanctuary Signature spa does just that. I had visited this institution before to have a (non-pregnancy) massage but then it was based at the Twelve Apostles Hotel.

The Twelve Apostles has ended its licence agreement with The Sanctuary Signature spa and established its own in-house offering. Not that this seems to have affected Sanctuary Spa in any way as it’s found a new home at the Queen Victoria Hotel, which overlooks the V&A Waterfront up on a hill.

Tip: If you are pregnant don’t park at the bottom of the hill to take the stairway up. This was an exhausting experience. Rather use the parking available at the hotel itself if it’s not full.

The Sanctuary’s Moya Pregnancy Experience should be on the wish-list of any mom-to-be. You can choose any three out of five pregnancy experience treatments which will make up an hour and 30 minutes of pure indulgence. The cost of the experience is R990.


  1. Moya mini-pedicure experience (30min)

A mini-pedicure to nourish the feet and maintain well groomed feet throughout pregnancy.

(includes nail varnish.)

  1. Moya mini-manicure experience (30min)

A relaxing, calming and soothing treatment for the hands to maintain their well-groomed appear­ance throughout pregnancy. This excludes nail varnish.

  1. Moya back experience (30min)

A combination of massage techniques to ease back aches and muscle tension with gentle flowing movements, using uniquely designed therapy.

  1. Moya tension alleviating head experience (30min)

A deeply relaxing head massage to de-stress the scalp.

  1. Moya foot experience (30min)

A relaxing and soothing foot massage to alleviate swollen and painful feet. The Moya Refreshing Foot Gel leaves your feet feeling brand new.

My experience

Overall I enjoyed having a pregnancy massage and the ability to shut the world out for an hour and a half. It gave me the ability to think about me. To chill, to be me. For that period of time I wasn’t a mom of a two year old chasing him around the house. Instead, I could focus on the gentle hands pressing my back, the welcome sensation of heated towels and the quiet that surrounded the whole experience.

For the varnish the spa offers you the Morgan Taylor brand and I decided to try the ‘Take me to your tribe’ colour, which I like to describe as a vampy blue.

So ladies and gentleman if you’re looking for gift for a friend or your partner who’s due to give birth, my verdict is: she won’t be displeased with this offering.

If the R990 price is too steep for your own pocket, why not club together with some of the mom-to-be’s friends and split the cost?

To make a booking call: 021 425 2080 or visit